Cheeky Gnomes Restless World Cup 2018


Game on!

The first stage :mage:

The fixtures can be found here:
The rules are as follows:

               * Asynchronous or live in case players are fine to get one going. 
               * Equipped, equipment once chosen can't be changed throughout tournament.  
               * FFA 3 players, first turn order as is in the fixtures.
               * 3 player random generated maps.
               * 25 turns/20 days per player

The scoring system: a win gives 3 points, draw 1, loss 0.

Tie-breaker: is an extra match and/or a win against tied participant.

The list of participants:

  1. clef
  2. blobka
  3. Viking34
  4. Rhorg
  5. bejebus
  6. Aka
  7. Bos5k
  8. Othrek
  9. Pancetta
  10. Grythandril
  11. Roderic
  12. SpiteAndMalice
  13. Eidolon
  14. bluddy
  15. Larkaa
  16. Tiger
  17. lod
  18. GlasMasv

*substitute - kharas.

Please submit the match results and gear names here below in a post :point_down::dizzy:

Good luck & Have fun! :crossed_fingers:

New fancy tournament recruiting players!

In fourth round won Othrek, GG! I’ve been thinking I got that one but :laughing:

My chosen gear.


Yeah, still amazed I got that! Here’s my loadout:


Hey I won a game! 2nd round vs @Grythandril and @SpiteAndMalice


i guess i won against Glas & Clef.


Here is my gear, and I won against Roderick and Bluddy.



I am not trying to hold people up but waiting for replacement parts for my computer which messed up. Tuesday. Again sorry. Pancetta


OK, back in play.


In Third round Grythandril won against Othrek and Pancetta. GG guys but I was very lucky.

Here is my gear


In the second match I won against Aka and Pancetta, unbelievably.

Here’s my outfit. Not the most original name but it was one of the first gears I made. Indeed I think they were given as the starter pack.


I was playing better when my computer was not working . Good job. I am having fun though.


Glasmasv defeated Bos3k and Clef in Second Round

Growth Staff - Windwalker/Bolt/Teleport
Vigilant - 30/60/80. Sword/Retaliate/Draughar

Mega - Divine Shield (49)
Deck - 21
Hand - 8
Casting Boost - 7


In a bout of good luck, Larkaa defeated Roderic and SpiteAndMalice in round 3.

(edit: mixed up my loadout)


There seems to be a duplicate for round 1 and round 2 for the team Othrek, Larkaa, Viking34. Is that normal?


Yes, it was randomly generated, quite possible so it’s okay, no worries. :relieved:


Clef, Bluddy - who won 3rd round?

Also, I just saw that there is a 4th round! That needs to be setup.

I’m going on vacation on Saturday, but I’ll bring my computer so I can still play. Just mentioning it because if the internet is spotty etc. I won’t be able to play until I return


Clef jogged my memory. Confused it with league.

GlasMasv won third round vs. Bluddy & Clef


Eidolon emerged victorious from the 2nd round, defeating Bluddy and Tiger. ‘May their souls find solace in the unfathomable void’ – or some equally pompous phrase.


Is Viking34 even playing?


I’ll ping him, thx