The Faction Wars


A new alignment-based tournament has begun the recruitment phase, please read the post and then, if interested, proceed to the sign-up sheet to enter. (Equipped Chaos Mode). PLEASE stay tuned to this thread as it will be the primary point of contact for communication.


You may change your staff and gear throughout the tournament but never your staff type (Law, Neutral, Chaos)

Each battle will consist of at least 1 mage from each alignment.

If possible, games can be scheduled live, but the first stage can also be played async.

The Finals will be played live.

2 points for a win

1 point for a tie

0 points for a loss

There are 2 Stages.


Randomly populated 3-player FFA (1 Law Mage, 1 Neutral Mage, 1 Chaos Mage)

The top 2 players from each alignment will progress to the finals and play together on the same team.


One Battle Played Live!

2 (Law) v 2 (Neutral) v 2 (Chaos) at the Crazy Forest

Please do not sign up for anyone but yourself ( I want to make sure that all participants have a forum account and are plugged into the thread)

Sign up here:

Signed up for Team Chaos!

I’ll go neutral, as I don’t really want to get involved

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That’s cool, I want to be in, will go any, thank you!

you must choose, young Blobka mage, you must look deep into the ghost of The Blobka and choose wisely (follow the link above!)

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I want to join but won’t have internet during March… I guess I should stay out of this one to be safe?

wouldn’t be the same without ya, clef. Why don’t you join and we’ll check in on where things are at prior to advancing to the second stage or before your trip…

ok ! I’m stuck between choosing neutral or law, though. I’ll wait a bit to see what others pick (to balance it a little)

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What if everyone’s waiting to see what you pick?

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Ok… I’ll go law!

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Chaos always wins…


Signed up for the Law. If not too late)


nice! welcome Alistair and Bluddy

Still recruiting, hoping to fill it out a bit more, spread the word

@clef @blobka @Alistair @bluddy @bejebus @Roderic @Xirkaanius @Othrek

Hey Guys. So…we’ve got 9 players in total for this so far. We can either keep trying to recruit more players…or change the format of the tourney to something simpler with no teams. Maybe just a 2 stage FFA tourney? 3 player games, round robin for the first stage. 3 highest scores compete in a final battle?

Just looking for some thoughts on how to proceed, making sure you’re ok with me changing the format…


Totally cool with it. Let’s get some games going.

Let’s go for it as planned

you mean wait and recruit more players? Cause it’s not really playable as planned with the current lineup.

Sorry i didn’t realise we couldn’t play on with these numbers. I say start with a new format and have some games.

I’m good for a change to the format. It’s been here on the forums for a couple of months and publicised on the Discord, so I think if we were going to get any more players, they’d probably have already responded. Might still be worth mentioning once more on the Discord as a last call to arms?

Alrighty, I’ll setup a new format and we’ll get started in a couple days!