Travel problems - Base attack

My main base is in Asia. There is a mission in central America.

When I go there, halfway the counter starts with warning of base attack. How can I reach the mission safely?

I`m in middle-late game (Scyllas keep appearing). I got only 11 soldiers. No way to travel AND defend my main base in one step.

Multiple teams, training centers, let a team at main base to level up and protect your main base. Target a few extra soldiers to replace some possible dead.

When possible setup a second plane so a second team could protect more than one base. And then a third team. Past that it’s a matter of choice, but I advise more mobile teams than teams fixed at some bases.

I got 2 Manticores and 1 Helios.

I couldn`t get more then 11 soldiers.

Base Attack keeps spamming.

11 is short, I never had the base attack spaming, when I had perhaps one with two attacks of same base, I lost the base because of time.

With 11 I would target 6 for travels, 5 for base defense, and recruit more. Next time target some more soldiers. It depends of difficulty level:

  • At normal/easy don’t bother much optimize their equipment, more soldiers is better.
  • At Legend, it’s the same, and to soften full equip phase for a new team, do some equipment switching but not as a definitive solution or you’ll get bored with heavy switching.

In both cases, use training centers, keep the option to ignore them when you’ll master more or less the game.

Pick a vehicle, travel with 5+vehicle (Manticore+Helios), 6 with Manticore always not too far from base. Later add a vehicle and a Helios for two teams of 5+vehicle. Then target more recruits.

You need more soldiers. And one Training Center Base. I thknk at your point of the game i had around 20 soldiers Level 6 or 7 and 3 aircrafts. I stole 2 aircrafts at the beginning of the game.

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How hard is it to steal aircraft? I wanted to try it in the beginning of the game as well, but it said “Threat level: Extreme” so I just figured those missions were impossible early game?

From Anu it is very easy because in early/mid game they don’t have snipers. But their ships are very slow. Synedrion ships are not too expensive to built so IMHO it is not worth the risk to lose soldiers to get them.

I stole from NJ and Anu. Nobody died (on my side :grinning:

If you have some sniper guys, just destroy their weapons, you don’t even have to kill them. Most of the humans only wear a main weapon, some an additional pistol, they just leave the map or do nothing without a weapon.
It is really easy to steal an aircraft, my problem mainly is the -20 faction diplomacy for doing so.

Until Snapshot design staff solves the crazy repetitive Base/Defenses loop (much more silly mid-to-late game)… i only found one indirect way to sustain these “accidental” (but quite unfair, IMO) aircrafts lack of reach from random distances & bad timing.

Modded Console instruction “win” & always keep at least ONE soldier in each of my bases. Of course… i no longer have to play out such missions – but, honestly they just become completely irrelevant after awhile.

@Devs, UnstableVoltage:
Do you see the necessity to reduce that missions?

11 guys and two ships is plenty.

Send one ship after the mission keep 5 or six soldiers to defend against the base attack.

Also do a scan from the base being attacked and take out the citadel attacking it.

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6 soldiers wouldn`t be enough to defend the base.

I don’t know what you have in your campaign right now but the choke point at the hangar entrance in the PP bases is incredibly easy to abuse and highly effective at limiting the enemies’ capability to breach and attack you.

Mostly you want a few explosives, some purification grenades at least, and maybe a turret if you’ve got one. Even a vehicle can be used as a blockade as a last resort if driven into that choke point.

The worst situation I ever found myself in was defending a base with a lvl7 heavy, lvl7 assault, lvl1 technician and lvl1 sniper vs the 15-20 arthrons/tritons/sirens. The technician I forgot to equip so I just retreated him right away. The other 3 succeeded with an enemy getting one shot off on the heavy doing about 20% of his hp.

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It’s no way mandatory to steal planes, you still have a serious deficit of soldiers, for planes you was ok, a second Helios and everything is solid.

More than enough as explain Rainer. And add a vehicle and it’s even quite strong.