Aircraft should be present in Base Defense Missions

Base defense missions are very easy and Pandorans attack should be improved, as the consequences of lose a base (should become infested).

Other point that could be interesting in Base Defense, is the presence of aircraft where Pandorans appear… and the risk of losing it. If players just bunker defense waiting for Pandorans in next room!!!

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And how would an aircraft just appear if they are on the other side of the globe? I thought you were against “magic”. Does one get a free aircraft to fulfill your request? I don’t quite get your reasoning.

This post is 10 months old… i did not remember it and as far as i know now, Pandoras came by earth and not in any aircraft. This post don’t make sense to me now. It is applicable if we are talking of another human faction attacking PP base.

Sense is easy to read…

There should be aircraft in hangar if player has aircraft at that base. And there should be risk of losing it.

Of course it would be easy avoidable with current systems (free fuel and possibility to travel to any POI nearby).

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