Make new recruits cheaper and mixed recruits possible

I savescum like hell, since I don`t want to loose a single soldier.
Why? In late game I barely get normal Assaults, who are exchanged for elites.
Give us the possibility to recruit normal troops and elites in the same haven.
And if I buy 2 soldiers, my ressources are gone.

I want to protect all my bases. Not possible at the moment, because I can get only around 20 soldiers for my ressources.

That`s not how to motivate people NOT to savescum.


While base missions are severely broken, you can defend them. Determine where the primary assault is coming from… use that base as your training facility so that it is always stocked… carefully expand your bases, selecting those that are as far out of reach of the Pandorans as possible… If you are careful in this regard you should be fine until you reach the point that your resources are sufficiently abundant…

btw… your second base should be a farming community… and your third base, hopefully well away from trouble… should be your containment and mutant center… at least that strategy has worked well for me…

I think it would be good to find a number of PP soldiers at each base you uncover. I agree that if the game wants you to take unit loses as part of the game it should make recruitment far less costly.

And give is the possibility to send recruited soldiers immediately to a location of our choice :wink: .

Or even free or costly transfer options.

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Hmm, I’m not sure what the people would be doing there waiting all this time. But certainly lots of tech, material and cans of food and perhaps some old beer. These bases would be full of stuff one would think. Perhaps vehicles too!

One of the short stories follows a group of scientists who race to seek safety at one of the bases only to find out that all the equipment and supplies were sold off and it was turned into a storage unit for boxes of paperwork. The Phoenix Project has been shuttered for a long time.

One example out of my 3rd playthrough:
I got ONE Heavy and haven`t found single second one on the world.
Now I have to do the last mission with just one of them.

Why don’t you dual class some other soldier to heavy?

Good idea, but I dual always:
Sniper/Heavy, heavy/sniper.

I have to admit, that there were 2 more snipers to be recruited; ok.
But my ODI is at 75 %. I would never have the chance, to train those snipers left to level 7.

I would think that the group you start with is not the only PP cell in existence. There are comments in game that would indicate your cell is not the only PP cell creeping around (Think there is another opportunity for a bit of story here). And ‘All this time’ I am under the impression that there hasn’t been that much time that has passed but am happy to be corrected.