Redesign base defence missions – add new enemies

It are super easy to defend, human is advised lots of time before allowing put in the base 20 soldiers, and an opportunity to farm lots of mutagens or food instead a challenge like it was supposed to be.

If new enemies as myrmidons and acherons are added the difficulty would improve and the walk in the park should be harder.

Redesign base defence missions – add new enemies | Voters | Phoenix Point

It’s like almost everything in the game. A player can cheese almost any situation. Why send 20 units when one only needs 4-6? I would rather my forces did other things than sit out in a base for 24 hours.

If one is using 20 units it won’t be any harder, just more tedious and more boring. Even with a smaller force, it won’t make much of difference. The more enemies you through in the more they will just get bottled up at the choke point.

So the solution is only allow 8 soldiers in the base defense and not 20+ soldiers.

The issue is not the number of defenders, even 4 soldiers can easily defend the base, if you have psychic cry, war cry, fire damage and mind control.

The issue is the base defense layout, there is one choke of a size of 3, where enemies have to pass, if you set this path in fire, the enemy can’t really harm you anymore.

I’m fine with adding new enemies to base defense, but I hate the fact I have a 24 hour warning and I can’t choose my deployment point for my guys.

So I’d want that in trade. Getting one guy stuck alone facing the entire enemy squad is nonsensical.

But there’s no reason to limit base defense to 8 guys. That’s an easy easy limit to put on yourself without the devs hardcoding jt.