Help is this a bug or game mechanic?

I have finished a mission, organised equipment but when returninig to base it states not enough power, living quarters or storage then the base goes grey and I cannot access this or see it in the base list anymore?

I have living quarters there, storage and enough power. No soliders are stationed there or any vehicles so I am not sue what is going on here.

It seems very game breaking as I have no way to see the base anymore once the message appears on screen.

Can someone advise on this? I can only think the base is being attacked but there have been no notifications or alerts so it seems very unbalanced if this is the case and things are being destroyed but I have no way to know it is being attacked.

update - i went back a save then checked the base as I approached this and all the facilities are there, power, storage etc nothing needing repair but as soon as I get close the base the message appears and I lose the base.

It sounds to me like you missed the notification that a base attack was happening, which from what I’ve heard is quite easy. If there are no soldiers/vehicles/mutogs defending the base when the attack happens, the base is immediately overrun and lost

Aww man that is pretty shitty, I have just defended my other base and was in the process of moving people there I cant believe that they have not put in a countdown like they have with the Havens on the bases to show the status.

If any devs are reading please put this in ASAP and also perhaps the ability to build some automated defense turrents or even ones you can manually control at bases.

This would at least hold them back to give you more times to reach a base and perhap kill a couple by the time you arrive.

Also while on the base unit it is also very strange you have no ability to equip soldiers before a base attack. Each time I arrive it jumps straight unlike the haven attacks where you can swap gear.

i guess my only option is to go back another save ughhh that last mission took me nearly 2hrs to complete.

That just feels like bad design if there’s no way to retake the base afterwards. Resources in the game are way too hard to come by to leave a fully equipped team at every base just for defense.

If you lose a base you should have to fight a base invasion/defense mission to retake it with the result being every room but one has to be repaired with a random number being destroyed.

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Yeah I would be happy with that and agree on the resource side it just not possible to have 10 squads so having a base defense building would be a great addition so you dont need to have people there all the time.

at the very least it should give you the same count down bar you see when havens are being attacked so you have time to reach there with a full squad.

I really do like this game but it feels like backer build 6 - many things still need fleshed out but hopefully with a couple more patches, more enemy types/maps/balancing it has the makings of the top game but just wish it had been released as a beta for half the price and they could have made up the rest with paid DLC, that way I couldnt really complain about things like this as the core game loop and mechanics are there…

That said it took war of the choosen to fix a lot of stuff with xcom so hopefully in 12mths I can revsit this game again. I will go back a save and try to push through see what else the game has before waiting for a patch or 2.

It is very easy to miss the notification that a base will be attacked in 12 hours. The timer stops but you don’t know why, then you understand once your base gets wiped out. There was a little text in the upper right corner (where research and construction notifications are) that shows the remaining time before the attack.

I lost a base once because I didn’t see that it was going to be attacked.