How to defend base best

What sucks for me most: You travel across the world with you main troops, and suddenly an retialation mission comes.

How do you get around with that situation?

Have a team not too far to bases you want ensure keep. One team and very long travels, you are taking a risk, it was your choice.

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It seems, I have f… up my game because letting the main base almost undefended.

How do you get enough people to guard your main base AND travel with 8 soldiers to far away places?

Curious, what day in campaign? How many PP bases at this point? What difficulty level?

This game isn’t a single squad game, 8 soldiers is a lot, you can use 6 soldiers.

Vehicles can help have more teams in first parts of the game. In your case it could be two teams of 4 soldiers and a vehicle, plus a rookie in each.

I have the feeling you get a PP base attack very soon and it looks bizarre, that’s why I ask the day and the difficulty level.

EDIT: If that can lower a bit your pain in case your first try is already screwed up, myself it’s only 5th campaign that I played fully, but I didn’t stop the first four because they was really screwed up.

Sorry, I already deleted the savegame. Almost 55 % of the map was already red.

I had 3 bases and four men remaining in the main base, 8 going to missions and no soldiers at all for base 2 + 3.
Don`t know, where to get all those soldier for defending THREE bases, when I already fail doing so for my main base.

The vehicles feel somehow weak in base defense missions, since they can`t get a clear shooting view.

I had good results with 6 soldiers, but in late game, you are simply defensless without the 8 men.
Only my opinion.

I agree. The ratio of recruitment cost to nunber of bases you’re expected to maintain is not good. Another reason recruits should be much cheaper.

I restarted a new game also, as I kept getting hit at a base about every 24 hours…Abandoning a base makes me distraught, but is this what you need to do, to progress the game until you can research mist repellants?

You can have more than one transport. Several mobile teams should do the trick.

You can use vehicle to close the entrance, but if you was already quite advanced in campaign, you should have more soldiers. I thought you was in first parts of the campaign, but probably not, as campaign progress they become less useful because destroyed too fast.

As your campaign was probably quite advanced, at this point you should have quite more soldiers.

Recruiting depends of difficulty level, it’s certainly easier at Legend, except that you need equip soldier yourself. But you can use a bit of equip switching to make it more flexible for fully equipping all new soldiers. At reverse exploit it fully and switch constantly will be a boredom, but definitely here at Legend.

At Easy/Normal, don’t bother optimize much soldiers equipment. You recruit them with one, try use most of their equipment. If you check price for tech and material it can hint what equipment they have, higher cost will mean better equip.

Your income, Haven Defense mainly, Scavenging design is currently sort of broken, it can be a bit useful in fir parts, but quickly it’s hardly a positive income, more to do sometimes for the fun. Stealing and trading are other possibilities, but I skipped this, so I can’t say much more.

Yes, more mobile teams, not to explore but to use them to cover an area and then guard some bases around is the best way in my opinion too. I didn’t tried but planes could be stolen to Haven. The advantage of mobile teams is one team can be close enough to multiple bases to be able defend them.

But it’s not the only way. I advise pick a base and later a second base to put here training centers like 3 or 4, then put here recruits that will guard those base. You can add a few vehicle or mutog at those bases to reinforce the team of recruit. Later in campaign Mutogs can be pretty cheap once you get used to capture aliens, or even by buying some at Havens. Mutogs and vehicles will be more bullets sponge in a base defense and it’s exploitable. You’ll probably have more base repair because move them in the base will do some destruction.

But you can even put soldiers in some key bases just to guard them, didn’t tried but it’s possible. Don’t bother protect all bases, choose only a subset.

I tried to address the problem on Feedback tool but got few votes only

EDIT: Now when I find some remote base I have “Oh no” moment

This. Repair what’s needed when you find expendable bases, and when they are about to be attacked just demolish everything for materials & tech unless you have a squad nearby.

In case you find base defense difficult with a small squad, throw an incienary grenade or two while retreating from aliens. Fast assault with Dash and Rally The Troops should help you get even the slowest units out of alien line of sight, ready to throw incinaries on the second turn. Furthermore, a high level technician can throw three turrets and move into cover in one turn and still do Electric Reinforcement. After that just stay in cover and repeatedly do ER and recover your will points. If aliens manage to pass the inferno you created the turrets and assault should be able to kill them without much trouble.

I usually pick up all the snipers I can find to get both Extreme Focus and Quick Aim at level three. That allows them to take one shot and then overwatch, which helps with Sirens in base defenses.

My problem is: I can`t get enough soldiers to protect ALL bases and have an attack crew in the same place.

You can’t protect them all, do it would be high inefficiency. You can protect some and have luck it’s those attacked, otherwise see post above, get back all possible resources and let it fall.

Wot Zzzz says. This is a strategy survival game, and part of that strategy is recognising what you can and cannot win. So identify what you need, protect that and let the rest fall.

I do think that some of the rage directed against this game comes from players who think they should be able to win everything every time. That’s not how this game works. You’re outgunned and outnumbered, so there are times when you have to do what the British did at Dunkirk and simply run away to fight again another day.

Another strategy, which has worked well for me so far, is a strict policy of stamping hard on any Panda den that springs up in a Base’s zone. They can’t attack your Base if they don’t have anywhere to spawn from. I don’t guarantee that this will work every time, but I’m fairly well advanced into my first playthrough (ODI 60%, Synedrion hovering on 99%), and I have yet to experience a Base Defence.

I do the same, and beside an attack very soon, I didn’t get more base attack. But I don’t know if there’s really a link.

In case a Haven defense isn’t done, I setup a scan around once I have done the research allowing find aliens bases.