Transporters : are we forced to steal from other factions

I’m not very adve=anced in the game (maybe near the middle), but, transporter is a very big problem.
The manticore a good transporter but some faction ones have more tropper capacity so it’s very powerfull (nest combats is easier if you have more than 6 soldiers, and tanks are so big I never use it for the moment).
The question is we need to steal from other factions do get better ? The relationship betwwen the faction will fall a lot ! In addition, raise a good relationship with other faction to get blueprot is very long too.

Waybe we can trade some for a big amount a ressources or a switch with a manticore ?

Or maybe I’m wrong with this game mecanic ?

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transports are a bit of balancing act…though at the moment the game really favors the double helios build.

first off, you can use multiple transports on a single site, this means you can “stack” the capacity of smaller transports up to the deployment limit. this is the main reason double helios is popular. you can do the same with the manticore…but the helios is the fastest plane currently in the game.

second, you don’t have to steal them, when you get friendly with a faction at 50 reputation and completing the second diplomacy mission you will get the bleuprint to build other transports then the manticore. stealing is economically the better choice, but sometimes you want the reputation more as the reputation tresholds give a lot of free technologies or acces to powerful projects for global boosts.

third, all aircraft with more capacity then the manticore are slower, being slow often means you cannot effectively respond to enemy invasions. so more capacity isn’t always better…it is however a solid way of moving towards mission sites that don’t have time limit, and a single transport is generally cheaper then stacking multiple. mix and match to get the operational coverage you want.


I’m no veteran of this game, but from what I seen you can reverse engineer the equipment and weapons you find as well as those provided with your recruits, you won’t have the best stuff but you can get by. I know we can buy each factions tanks, but I have yet to see an airship for sale. I do think at some point you may have to steal if you can’t raise your standing with the faction you need though.

In all of my various play-throughs, I have yet to steal an aircraft. Haven defense is your friend to getting both research and materials to build your own aircraft. Basically I aim for both Synedrion and Anu for their aircraft.

I generally attempt to get Synedrion’s Helios first. It’s cheaper to build and can be combined with the original Manticore to provide 8 unit squads. Anu’s Tiamat is great for it’s capacity of 8 units + long range, but slow. Depending on how one’s geoscape is populated, working on a 2nd Helios prior to the Tiamat may work best. But, if one is unlucky and everything is so far spread, the Tiamat may be the best aircraft to go for.

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Short answer is no.

I’ve never launched a single raid on any faction, am allied with everyone, and have access to all their known equipment and research items.

It’s honestly almost too easy to do.


Fully agreed. My current teactics is getting a Disciples of Anu ship as soon as possible. Extending to 8 soldiers makes gameplays easier, makes hard battles bearable and all soldiers progress simultaionsly instead of “in turns” (replacing wounded).

A way to produce our own 8 soldiers ship would be more honest. Alliance is too far away.

Steal a Tiamat in the early game for its range and capacity and use it to explore, and take far away missions with a full squad. You can make it up to Anu later. I personally think the other tech trees are better anyway.

Late game double Helios so you can react to anything quickly and choose the best 8 of 10 for each fight. You’ll have the resources to build them, and the bases to nullify range issues.

Anu’s research tree strength is shredding shotgun, aircraft and priests. If you think you can win them back, steal their aircraft. But their endgame power works the best for my play style. I find getting 2 Helios works better for me than stealing Anu’s ship. Working with all 3 factions early on helps get the best research for all situations. Again, that’s my play style.


Very good advice IMO. Stealing early still leaves plenty of time to fix your relationship with Anu. In order to reduce the hit on relations, build what you want later.
Also, stacking is very important against the hardest (Extreme level) haven defenses. You want as many troops as you can so your attacks (normally alpha strikes) can be super effective. The more troops you have with Rally, the more AP’s you can use so your strikers can do the most damage. This is very important on missions where you will encounter multiple chirons, multiple sirens and a scylla.

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