Share your experience with the second manticore (team) transition

No matter how I try I can’t make a second transport (team) transition smoothly.

I don’t have enough resources to hire the second squad + build the manticore by the time I find the second base and alien attacks start to intensify (the frequency of alien attack is another topic). I’m deadlocked repelling aliens and can’t explore, therefore I can’t gather the resources necessary to open the second front. A solution to this could be you are given the second manticore as soon as you find the second base because it takes 20 days to build it, and you can’t prebuild it until you have the second hangar.

Share your experiences with building the second team, please.

i had absolutly no problem whatsoever…made a second manticore and 2nd team…also explored whole world and found 5 or 6 PP bases…
if you need a tip or 3 ask. :grin:

I built it and then used it to go and get recruits … when I could afford them (selling stuff in my store, trading tech with havens for material).

If I restarted, I would use the second manticore to do area scans and explore and the first one for defense & recruitment. Does anyone knows what happens if you get ambushed with an empty manticore ?

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I could buy it but i see no reason to because my two bases are in east Asia and aliens are attacking Europe and USA. Havent been yet in America but there is no spot for a base in Europe and northern Africa nor in beetween Europe and Tibet whare i have my base

Think i made the mistake of clearing all three nests in Asia and now i’m scarce in resouces because asian settlements arent attacked and IMHO settlement defence is the best source of resources. Cannot park my Manticore in Europe because it’s a very long trip i have to do every 3 mission when i start having soldiers wounded and tired

Seriously thinking about a campaign restart

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Sadly, EVERYTHING depends on when and where you will find your second base. if on the same continent, thats a huge boost for research, manufacturing etc

currently i’m building the SYND transport (5 man crew, has med bay).
made the anu blimp in a previous go but i don’t like it. it has 9 crew places, has long reach but a little slow. what i didn’t like is the fact that u can Not do area searches, only transport troops into combat and such.
dunno about the NJ one…when i do i’ll share…lol

dont bother. only Manticore is working correctly

Interesting strategy. Am about the get into same trouble as original post. Alien attacks picking up and too low on resources to open 2nd front.
Thought about getting another game up and running and then using the hi resource amount you get at start to built a 2nd manticore. Your share just convinced me to try it.

The manticore is the only vessel that can interact with havens and explore.

The other vessels are all just troop transports

Bit boring really, especially given how slow the Tiamat is. So slow that the bases die before it gets there and the “Tiamat Advancement” adds 25% range when we really need speed.

No. You are using Tiamat incorrectly. Right now, Tiamat is a transporter to allow you transport your troops across continents without 152 jumps. It’s like C130 Hercules, while other ships may be faster to give you a chance to react.

I restarted from an old save and played more focused to res gathering, now i’m able to build another dropship, have to choose beeteen another Manticore, the Scarab or Syn Helios

Being an old save i already know that in Europe there are no bases :innocent: so i’m scanning a road to America, through Alaska, and one to Australia that i need to reach for Anu diplo mission
It’s Indonesia not Australia proper, but unless there is something in the Philippines i’m stuck because Java and Borneo have no jump stations

Someone told me the queue is one even with two factories so before starting the ship better stock a lot of ammo and for a lot i mean at least 20 rifle and shotgun magazines and a couple rifles and shotguns in case i’m hit by grenades

As I said somewhere here before, the best way to get materials, best armor, guns, ammo, experience and technologies is to farm Synedrion bases. Sad but true. Build new base fully, manufacture Manticore, hire and equip full team (about 6-7k m) in onde day - easy!

Ammo build instantly and therefore don’t queue. You can be building a manticore and still build ammo.

For farm do you mean attacking and looting them? i have enough hassles with aliens and a new enemy isnt exactly what i need; i dont think they will be happy if i loot their settlement

In case your answer is YES, think so but want to be sure, why Syn? what’s wrong with Anu, i’m surrounded by their settlements so it would be easier, and NJ?

I hope, it’s temporary, but heavens doesn’t change reputation after my attacks for this moment. But even if it will be fixed - 1 or 2 attacks on Syn is still makes sense. Their laser-weapons are long-ranged, their armor is lighter and gives the best bonuses. Oh, and their ammo-clips are larger too)

I can agree with lighter part, but what bonuses you have in mind?

OK just matter of preference; i 100% agree on the armor, the aim bonus is very good, not fully about lasers, they are long ranged but NJ gauss packs more punch

Guess you need to raid settlements with research centers for tech and those with factories for resources

Let’s see what I have now. I haven’t all assortment because of scrapping worse stuff - a lot of materials! Also I got that Syn mount with zero bonuses, but I still wear it just in case :slight_smile:
Phoenix%20Point-1 Phoenix%20Point-2 Phoenix%20Point-3 Phoenix%20Point-4

Oh I forgot about these modifiers. :smiley: Yeah their sniper and assalt has better accuracy than our. :slight_smile:

Depends of priorities. First I was interested in technologies. But they are bugged: for example, upgrade for power generator is working in manual mod: it raises base power limit to 25, but rooms upper usual 20-limit are switched off after every loading! Don’t forget to switch them on every time :wink: So now I prefer to attack factories.