A few ideas to discourage raiding friendly factions

1. Have raidable enemy raider/forsaken/pure/malthausian havens as additional scavenger missions

This way you’ll ‘raid’ them instead

2. Buff the manticore

Or atleast, make it upgradeable.

Getting a second aircraft ASAP is the meta so it should be fine for the player to raid havens for them, but stealing your 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… is a tad too much. Simple fix - buff the manticore, or atleast make it upgradeable. That way, the player is incentivised to build manticores instead of going to friendly havens and stealing them. Lorewise, the manticore was supposed to be a cutting edge NASA aircraft, yet it’s slower, fits less people and has less range than a 1970s era passenger airliner.

Buff the capacity to 9 and you’ll never see another aircraft raid again.

I like the idea of havens belonging to sub-factions.


Add ‘rewards shop’ for extra rep past allied status, so that we don’t have to cash it in via raiding.

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