Training facility is too strong

When I have guys siting in base out leveling my team exploring there is a problem. Raise the price of the facility, limit it to 1 facility, make the facility upkeep very high. These are all options for fixing the current problem.

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I disagree. I do think it can be used to level soldiers very effectively but it does so slowly and only while they’re at the base. This means you can’t take them on missions and you have to plan ahead and recruit in advance, leaving them at the base to level before investing in another ship to send them out in.

Having multiple makes it faster but also takes up valuable space. Especially in your first few bases, which is when the training facility will be most useful.

The max level is also another reason it’s not overpowered. You can only get so many points and it’s not enough to max characters out. To really perfect some builds you need to use the pooled points that doing missions grant you, which you can only get if you don’t have your guys holed up inside.

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Well there is a simple fix for you… Don’t build them :slight_smile:

However for those who does not solve every casualty with load might need them as they are.

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True don’t buy them does fix it. The only problem is, I thought we were trying to help the game out here. Removing all the OP things doesn’t fix it. I will say that as long as the game is a little on the easy side, this facility is hardly a necessary purchase anyways.

To Duskmare, the very early game is not the issue here. The slightly past early game, when you have a lot of materials and food. Maybe the whole problem is based on how we are able to use materials. How much do we really spend on gear?

Very few people are finding the game easy… What difficulty are you playing on and are you using the sniper/heavy full mag unload build? Cause that’s what the only other guy I’ve seen who found the game too easy was using.

I have one squad with me, and I recruited other lvl 1 soldiers and left them in my 2nd base (with 3 training facilitys - what else is there to build anyways?)
Before my regular fighting squad all hit level 6, my trained troop was already at 7.

I’m not saying the game is easy, just that certain things need fixing. The whole point of this forum is stating what isn’t tuned properly and a solution to the problem. Personally I’m totally ignoring the sniper heavy combo for that specific reason. Which only brings up another thing that is out of tune.

I’d say further comments on how to resolve the issue is what we’re looking for.

I disagree with everything you’re saying

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