Less XP from barracks and more from missions

I am all for having an XP opportunity at the hangars, in fact I applaud it as soldiers should be able to hone their skills anywhere.

However fieldwork is where the real experience comes from, having watched Christopherodd´s video on how he survived an ambush mission where his troops had no weapons, I would say that´s a very big lesson learned for both Christopher and his troops. Most got 0 XP.

Maybe you guys disagree, in that endevor I wish there were more missions around the starting base, you can litteraly run into a wall of factions and places that give 20 food … I hate the latter. I am not much into raiding so I guess it´s partially my fault.

Essentially, more stuff to do around the starting area that gives xp, more xp in missions and less while people are idle. Don´t know if you peeps agree.

Christopherodd´s weird escape:

Definitely agree, I don’t know if stacking Training Centres is a bug to be honest, although I would say that they know about it now!

I am hoping to see a good boost to XP gain in the field soon, but like everything else, it’ll have to be balanced out.

In my opinion the problem isn’t as basic than it can feel.

XCOM1&2 solve the problem with recruiting, overall you can recruit higher level characters, their level is more or less scaled on your characters minus one, I don’t remind the formula. Anyway it’s a bit basic and transfer the pressure on economy.

Roster games using roster and manual level up end all in a weird problem you never play with your best characters, they sit on the bench to let other level up. I don’t like at all this side effect.

With the weird DD system you use your best soldiers with injuries and fatigue management and that’s it, there’s no frustration to do it unlike with more classic design of roster + grinding.

So I agree it’s weird, I don’t agree it need be changed. Myself I thought soldiers had some extra skill points from doing combats, but even if not, I don’t feel it as a bad system, it’s a bizarre system but a good anti grind system. And because of resources the game is enough grindy as it is, no need more.

You misunderstand what happened in Christopherodd’s video. So I just watched the video and the reason most of his guys got 0 experience is they are already maxed out at level 7. And it is totally his fault for flying around poorly equipped - that’s frankly embarrassing. Leveling from missions is much faster than barracks. Some basic misconceptions here make me think that maybe you have not played the game and are just watching LPs?

More stuff to do around the starting area would hinder your progress. The point is to expand and get global coverage, multiple bases, multiple teams so you can at least attempt to respond to problems all over. If you are expanding you peeps won’t be idle, they’ll be leveling quickly through mission xp until maxed out at level 7. And if you remove weapons for research purposes, give them something else or leave them at a base… you only get ambushed when scouting new areas.

With ship travels, and explore time, I see regularly higher level up rate at base, no character level 7 involved. But as I already explained myself I’m fine with that. Constantly play with lower levels character to manage the grinding is boredom.

actually, if you have multiple training centers, you can gain experience a lot faster than what you get when you fly around and do missions (occasionaly, as there are not that many places where you get into combat)…

Problem is, XP from base is steady,while XP from missions is only when you actually fight, but there are a lot of heavens you usually need to uncover, or noncombat events that give you nothing… so guys you leave at base will most likely outlevel your “combat team”, which happened to me practically every time i play…

It´s been my experience too, leveling is far faster in the base. Just build 5-6 barracks and the recruits level up insanely fast.

Due to the bug where training centre effects stack, the base is more effective than missions if you want to complete waste a entire base to exploit bugged behaviour… which I suspect many will do whilst complaining about the impact it had on their experience, because that’s just typical human behaviour.

Have choices -> Pick one that seems to make everything easier -> Complain about how you made that choice and what happened as a result.

Not in the state of the game, no. It’s currently designed around having level 7 guys for every encounter after early game because there is no meaningful material upgrade. The only real upgrade that enables us to fight aliens is our perks. Our lvl1-3 dudes on base defense will fail if we cannot train them up in bases.

So no. If they make it later that we can kit our people with true endgame upgrade gear so that they can defend bases against crabs on lower levels, then we can talk.

Not to mention that mission xp gain is tied to damage dealing which is an obsolete practice in SRPGs. Some classes and weapons are way better to rack up xp and you cannot a homogenous xp gain. Lobbying against training centers right now doesn’t make sense without fixing the accompanying the causes that drives people to use them.

Eventually I don’t do everything right but for me, in general, there’s no need to stack training centers at a base to level up faster with recruits at the base, one is enough for that, most often.

This lead to, how much useful it is to lost many base slots for training centers compared to use those slots for better usage. If it’s roughly balanced there’s no need to setup a max of training center at one base. If this approach open a clear OP hole then a max would be better.

Myself I see no point in building more than one training center per base, so I don’t think it requires a max. Hyper fast leveling at a base has a price, move all recruits at this base, lost base slots, let this choice open looks fine.

One point is the number of death in a campaign, in my play attempt (stopped to wait next patch) I just reload very often, to try increase learning speed, and then end with very few death. But my current feeling is the design is oriented so a win can endure many soldiers death, even more than in XCOM series. And in that context, training centers are important including eventually stack them.

Also if finally the game adds a way to fire recruits without have them suicide during a mission, very fast leveling could be a choice to select more the random skills, and it looks fine for me.

Nope, stacking training centers is THE way. 5 centers + NJ bonus training tech get level 7 in about a week.
It took somewhat above 3 weeks for my first team for everyone to reach 7 by fighting.
And you don’t want to throw rookies at Sirens/Chirons. PP mostly progresses with levels, not equipment, so level 1s are MUCH weaker.

I’m not saying it’s the most satisfying mechanics (it isn’t), but it fits current progression.