Game difficulty is too easy

Im playing in the hardest difficulty and the game seems entirely too easy.
There are a handful of things that attribute to this…

#1. The final heavy skill is WAY TOO OVERPOWERED. The one that fires all ammo in the mag… Holy crap one sniper rifle using that ability kills pretty much all enemies in the game in one attack…
And i put this skill on all my soldiers… So i kill almost all the enemies in 1 turn.

#2. The scarab vehicle seems too good at the start of the game and too easy to obtain. Lobbing missiles over buildings and having so much hp and armor totally breaks things when used correctly… It can run out of ammo, sure… But all the aliens are dead by then or on their way to being as good as dead.
Having it right at the start of the game makes the early game a breeze.
It really needs to be locked behind some research.

#3. Food is overpowered.
You can trade food for everything, thus scrounging for materials becomes trivial… Just make food and you have unlimited resources thanks to trading.
I always have thousands of food to trade for soldiers and tech and i end up having TOO MUCH… It feels totally broken.
Once you have more then one base you can just spam food like absolute crazy… There isnt much need to build many other buildings…

#4. Training facilities can be fairly broken. Soldiers going on real missions should be getting more xp then people sitting at home in the base.
Dedicate an entire base to just training soldiers with multiple training facilities and having them sit afk there and they will all be max rank in no time…


Hmm, now I’m not trying to sound hostile here (kinda hard not to) but how does a master strategist such as yourself deal with the abrupt armor jump in enemies… like to the point where AR’s become useless… did you know about it ahead of time and rush for a counter strat?? If so what is that?? Most of your complaints seem to be about endgame… but how do you even get to that said endgame, seems a lot of people are struggling (myself included) to even break thru the difficulty spike.


I can’t really speak to the first point, but to the other two, I have to disagree.

  1. the scarab cost alot at the start, and it’s cost of space make it a pain to use, plus the reload is far to… long to make it something I really want to use, and by mid game it seems to be vastly underpowered compared to a team of properly leveled soldiers

  2. I just flat out disagree, sorry… don’t really have much to add, but I really just want a base that can stand on it’s own anyway… so this is preference I guess.


Sniper rifles go through armor.

Im like 15 hours into the game. Fighting against chirons and sirens right now.

Go to that time and watch that.


Which just means… use one class/weapon combination the whole game…

Just underlines that the Game is in a really unbalanced state overall.



Almost every one of my soldiers is a heavy hybrid.

I guess combined with the Sniper “Ultimate” for 50% dmg you could kill 1turn even 4x stonger enemies… also does the 50% more dmg thing stack? 7 out of 8 apply this freaking thing and than a heavy or sniper puts a mag of ammo into the enemy… should deal several thousand dmg…

Really feeling dumb that I have this skill on three of my Squaddies but never tested it… because I have only one spare Mag on my dudes…

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Cool, I’ll take a look after work here…

I apologize if my earlier comment had a condescending tone to it, I was in a frustrated state of mind.
Out of curiosity can you tell me if you video deals with chiron’s out of LOS such as in lairs?? Meeting them has given me even more problems.

the video don’t show it but i can give you an advice.
1 - Take a sniper
2 - Subclasse heavy guy for the ultimate emptying charger thing (like in the vids)
Bonus of heavy : wear heavy armor.
Wear a heavy armor torso
Heavy armor torso give jetpack
Jetpack is life
Use jetpack
Especialy in cavern :stuck_out_tongue:
If you can’t find a point of view using jetpack, you’re either extremly unlucky or extremly bad a choosing a highground ;p

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Actually after posting this i just fought a chiron that had aoe splash damage explosive projectiles it can fire across the map…
Doing like 90 damage per hit and firing 3…

I no longer feel bad for using my op snipers haha. The enemies do have some total bs units…

And yeah, if you cant get los it becomes more of a problem. But, since they are heavy hybrids, as the last comment mentions… You can use jetpacks to help get the los.

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Oooh … and I guess you save/reload if things don´t go your way? … a lot of people hate doing that.

As for the Chirons, yes, you can encounter multiple of those with no chance of LOS and no roof to hide under.

I play ironman.
Perma-death is exciting :slight_smile:
It only sucks when you get bored and start doing reckless things that get your guys killed haha.

Also, one other thing you can do against chirons is using a stealth operative to sneak up and assassinate them. Not many people use the stealth mechanics in this game.

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There are so many broken combos for the classes in this game, you don’t even have to get them to max level to make them that way.

Assault/Sniper - Dash, Quick Aim, Rapid Clearance + Shotgun. A squad of 6 of these can clear a map in one turn.
Berserker/Assault - Dash, Rapid Clearance + Melee. Melee can practically one-shot things, it does insane damage. Again, a group of 6 can clear a map usually in 1-2 turns.
Sniper/Heavy - Rage Burst + Sniper Rifle, like OP said, can absolutely one shot even a Scylla if properly placed.
Heavy/Assault - Dash, Boom Blast + Grenade launcher - a squad of 6 of these and no enemy will ever have a weapon they can use against you. Even better when you get the rocket launcher later on.

I’m sure I’ve missed some, these are just the ones I’ve played around with. About the only mundane classes I can think of are the Tech and the Priest, they basically nonbo with the other classes and have no real broken combos.


So weird, I’m at twenty hours in and have yet to see a Chiron.

You are lucky good sir. Those are hell to deal with unless you have either enough snipers or Heavy’s “ultimate full clip spam” then that suddenly became a joke.

But then again, facing off 2 chirons is massive. Especially when you get unlucky and your soldiers get disarmed by the artillery or… One shot.

Yeah game is unbalanced as hell right now! Playing on easy and some enemies in the beginning one shot my soldiers and after mission 5 already the difficulty skyrockets. If you dont know which exploits this game offers you are screwed. People who claim the game is too easy just know them and then its understandable why they say that.

I’ve only ever been offered one heavy recruit, and when I didn’t recruit him soon enough he went away, now all havens in the world just offer me unique factional classes and assaults, waves and waves of assaults. RARELY a sniper, literally never in a month or more of in-game time (with 80-90 revealed havens) have I been offered a heavy again.

It makes me sad, because yeah heavy is pretty nice.

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I’ve found this too. Though I’ve never actually seen either a sniper or a heavy. Just assault units or faction specific units like berserkers and the +classes.

How many classes are there? As far as I know:


Technician is the Elite hire from NJ, Infiltrator is Elite from Synedrion, and Priest is Elite from Anu…so Anu is the only one with a unique normal class, or am I missing something?

There is a post I was reading somewhere here on these forums with a guy that think the game is to hard on easy. :smiley: So we have the two extremes.