Training Centers suggestion

Yes, I read that. I bit exploit for my taste. Also I don’t like mutogs, they can be mind controlled. Siren could mind control it, hide, and you have a big problem.

I think that raises ODI. Much better solution would be to have option not to use base right away when you find it. I made proposal about that on feedback tool

IMO training centers are necessary in this game. Soldiers always have to train in RL too, more training they have more effective they are. I am glad that developers stepped away from classic x-com mechanics on this one.

I didn’t knew the effect on ODI was significant. Ok I never tried and lost a base because of time more than decision. But I really wonder.

Maybe it isn’t. In my play I had one base defense mission and it was easy with 6 soldiers. I read here on forum that it raises ODI if you lose the base, I don’t know how much.

I’ve never build more than 1 training center per base (because I think that stacking EXP is an exploit).
But I don’t like the idea of making my training centers useless after soldiers get lvl 3.

Love these kinds of threads…

Complaint: The game lets you stack multiple training centers, this has to stop!
Answer: Don’t build multiple training centers then, problem solved.

If you want your solider to stop training a level 3 turn the power off to the training center, or move them to a different base when they hit level 3. But making everyone else play by your rule of no training after level 3, because you are too lazy to click the power button is not the solution.


With 1 TC it takes 50 days to reach level 7 (without NJ research)

Level 3 was just a suggestion for a cap. It could be Level 4 (at that point you can multiclass)… but current situation where you can train Elite Soldiers in few weeks is very bad. it completely nulifies the need to fight battles to get experience… and whats worse, leaving soldiers in base is right now much faster way how to level them up…

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i’m not lazy… This is one of the reason why this game feels rushed and incomplete… At one side Devs reduce PEN on Assault Rifle because its “way too used”, and on other, they leave XP “Exploit” of several training centers intact…

The problem is that it punishes the players that need them the most. I run with two 7 unit squads, a few guys in training, just in case. So most of the game my teams are maxed out at level seven. I rarely lose units, as I play very cautiously.

But many players here are still struggling and lose soldiers often, for them to continue a game they find punishing with fresh un leveled troops makes the game harder. It they struggle with level 7 units losing them and making them work with low level troops will make it impossible for them.

Or at the very least you force them to grind the most boring missions over, and over. Scavenge/ambush missions are SO repetitive and get mind numblingly boring. You may want to spend hours doing that, most don’t.

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Of course that more trained soldiers have more abilities. It is logical, old X-com system is not logical. You must be trained to do something. For instance if you give a turret to untrained soldier he would probably do something wrong or damage it regardless his prior hero experience in killing pandas.

So you would definitely not like my modification of PP. :slight_smile: Because there it will take 4.5 more time in combat to level up soldier to maximum level. And they will die easily. And training center won’t let you do that job, and having more training centers won’t matter. :wink:

It’s not following conventions, that’s it. Something like “nulifies need to fight battles to get experience” makes no sense for me.

If combats are boring play another game. What’s fun to do combats to level up 40 different soldiers, nowhere. It’s the combats the fun not the level up.

You end play 90% of the game with rookies and mildly experience soldiers, zero interest because the game doesn’t need it and doesn’t take any profit from it.

It’s easily 70 combats to level up 40 soldiers, 5 time slower, 350 combats, common.

And I think that fun is in discovering new possibilities that soldiers will have when they level up. Not throwing them fully experienced and trained into battle. This way 350 battles will be different than those 70 which will be quite similar. :wink:

Exactly! :wink:

Quite similar no way, but anyway it’s not a rookie that make it fresh, the lower the level the less special is the soldier, it’s normal the build just starts. At reverse 40 level 7 soldiers can be all very different and setup very different team.

But ok, different tastes, mutual misunderstanding.

+1 There should be either a cap on the level that they can take soldiers to and/or the increases to perks/stats should be reduced as compared to XP gained in battle.

It’s very interesting how no player is able to not use training centers despite they believe it would be a lot more fun without them.

Common I read many time the game is super easy, so at least play with no training centers. The best case I read is a player putting one training center in every single base. Sure so at each rest a bit of level up for free for the team you are grinding level up.

Use zero training centers first.

you are completely missing the point… Training Center as a building should have some purpose. Right now, its purpose is skewed by effect that makes XP gaining from exploring and combat inferior to bonus you can get by DOING NOTHING…

Its a bad design if you are rewarded for doing nothing…

So you want us to not play with all the possible rules which are allowed to be used. Its like playing chess without knight piece, because we think they are too good for this game.

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What? In life you could do plenty boredom activities, do you choose do them if not forced? Nope.

Why it’s different for you in this game? It bores you then skip it.

What’s difficult?