Potential reworking of training centres

If I understand correctly, in PP training centres can train up new recruits before they have faced a mission situation, and additional training centres serve to accelerate that training progress. I’ve not experienced this myself yet, but I’m hearing mention that troops are leveling up faster when left at base than if they were taken on missions. If true I’d like to propose a couple of potential changes to how training centres work.

1 - Scale down the rate at which additional training centres contribute to XP gain. I don’t know the exact numbers, but if one training centre produces 10XP for one day of training, then a 2nd training centre shouldn’t allow for and additional 10XP for one day of training (you can’t be in two places at once), that 2nd training centre should only provide an additional 7XP. A 3rd might then provide 4XP.

2 - Only allow troops to be trained if allocated to a training centre, and require additional training centres to up that capacity, rather than increasing the training rate. Maybe something like 2 troops per training centre.

3 - Only allow troop’s levels to pop if they have been taken on missions. The training centre can take a troop up to their next level ceiling, but to go past it they need to see active combat.

4 - Training centres only allow troops to gain the ability to dual class, and require some time to do so. A training centre then becomes very necessary, but with just this specific purpose in mind.

I’m not proposing that all four of these suggestions are used, I’m just giving different ideas, though No 2 would combine well with others.

Even just 2 training centers caught my noobs up pretty fast. Toning down may not hurt, but the restriction of a mission to level would make the system really annoying to use. The way aircraft and bases are handled (vs OG xcom, where you aircraft return to base after essentially every encounter, and can deploy relatively quickly, with soldiers being cheap and plentiful) make fielding several teams already a bit clunky.

If you don’t save scum and play at hero or legend, then you will know why the training center is ok as it is now. This is how the game save you from game death.

That may well be, but if so it’s a separate balancing issue that needs resolving in its own right.

It’s your opinion that for other difficulties it needs be changed, it’s not mine.

When many soldiers can be killed, that is a lot more than in XCOM, it’s no way a feature that need be changed.

I admit I didn’t tried yet a sort of ironman play, but I’d like have the option saved.

I don’t play combats for grinding but for fun. So I don’t need combats bring more XP than for soldiers at base, I bring them in the combats for wining not for grinding.

Such system suits perfectly my aversion for grinding, and it allows select the current best soldiers for missions, not the weakest to level them up and let at home best soldiers because they have either max XP either too higher level compared to roster.

So it’s a good system for me.

Maybe, for those who want it, the game also needs a menu option to say ‘Start all recruits at Level 7’

Pointless sarcasm, obviously you have nothing to say against the points I raised.

To be clear it’s a matter of preference and roster management, for me it avoids pointless grinding it’s just about winning missions, for you grinding is a quality no matter how many is involved with frequent deaths. I think both point of view are valid, I wanted pinpoint not everybody is agree with your point of view, and listed reasons to explain why.

Apologies if it came across that way, but I wasn’t attempting to be sarcastic.

I didn’t address your points in full as you hadn’t addressed you previous post to me, but to the thread in general and I felt that you were just expressing your opinion which you’re perfectly entitled to do. I didn’t feel any need to try persuade you otherwise or tell you in anyway that I felt you were wrong for having a different preference to my own.

I think starting recruits at Level 7 would be a valid option for those who wish to use it in order to avoid what they see as grind. (Why waste time using a training centre if you want everyone to have those high level skills? Cut that part of the game out and bang them straight in at Level 7 if you just want to win missions.)

I’d potentially like to have the opposite and play the game with a lower cap on XP and/or much slower progression as I feel that some of the higher level perks are ridiculous. I don’t especially like grind either, but I’d much rather play the game without those high level skills present for the bulk of it, I’d enjoy more seeing them come into play for just the final act (if at all). But I guess that’s a different topic.

Going back to the subject of this thread what I would like to see for any progression in game is that it’s earnt through experience. The situation as it stands is that those solders who sit in a classroom benefit more than those who go out and become combat hardened. I feel that that’s a silly way of doing things, for me it breaks immersion and by allowing the player to avoid actually taking new troops into combat the game also misses an opportunity to add tension. I also think that base management in general feels quite shallow and tepid, in my opinion allowing for a more blended approach to training and development of new troops would be for more interesting to engage with that base system than having the option to simply dump those new troops into a training centre and then just wait a few weeks.

I also think that both view points are valid. The thread and its suggestions are for Snapshot to consider at the end of the day.

Your post was sarcasm, dot. No targeted to me, I don’t care, your new post adds nothing, different opinions, not everybody agree with you, and for concrete reasons.

I can appreciate that written communication is often misinterpreted, and I believe there may also be a language barrier, so I’m just going to say let’s leave things there.

You’re entitled to believe whatever you want.

I like number 3 personally.

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A menu to start all recruits level 7 wasn’t a sarcasm?

It’s a lot different than either build training center and wait some time, and different than build 4 training center, and move all recruits to a single base.

Not at all, Snapshot actually had a function in offline battles in Chaos Reborn where you could decide the level of equipment (Chaos’ equivalent of perks) for each player or AI taking part in the battle.

It’s not the same thing, but that was what sparked the idea - I always wished that it had been wider ranging and available to select for custom battles in online multiplayer.

You could apply that same concept to PP, it doesn’t even have to be just that recruits start at Level 7, let the player pick a starting and end cap range for all recruits. You might want to go 3-7 for instance, and I might prefer 1-4.

It also could be pretty nice to see recruits appearing at different levels within the range being set, with perhaps a tendency for lower level recruits initially, and higher level recruits to become more available towards the end of the game.

This is multiplayer, recruits at level 7 males no sense for a SP campaign, scaled to roster level as XCOM ok, start level 7 no. Training centers is a better solution, or something like XCOM. JA1&2 use also a good solution, but it’s very special.

What do you feel that the training centre is bringing to the game in its current setup? To me it’s just nothing beyond a time delay for getting new recruits to a high level, wouldn’t you rather just not have to wait if want all level 7 guys and don’t want to have ‘grind’?

Doesn’t JA have a variety of recruits available with different attributes/levels? I seem to remember having to get the cheap options early on (some doofus who would drop his gun all the time), and saving up for the better mercs somewhere down the line. Silent Storm did similar.

The game isn’t finished, it’s too soon to answer about the utility of training centers. I see a potential that looks very good to me, you see an exploit or a future exploit.