Training Centers suggestion

Training Centers are right now way to abuse the XP gain for soldiers. Its easier to get Level 7 soldiers by building several of them and letting soldiers stay in base, than doing actual exploring - not every POI results in battle, so soldiers dont gain experience while exploring, but soldiers in base do…

So my suggestion would be to put hard limit on max XP soldier can gain from training center… make it only provide XP for soldiers below certain level, let say level 3… This way, there would be still benefit to have rookies in bases to get up to level 3, but you would have to fight battles to get higher levels with them…

(i’ve added same thing to the feature request tool, so please go there and vote if you like it)

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I don’t like at all, I don’t care grind level up 35 soldiers. The grinding is first month that’s it, no need more.

At reverse I’d say give bonus from really using many teams, and keep Training Center otherwise it’s unmanageable.

So my questions, how many teams/soldiers you use? Never played Long War 2?

it has nothing to do with how many soldiers you have… Bonus is added no matter what, and it rewards doing nothing with them, instead of fighting battles and risking losing them. Besides, in real life, training center is only supposed to give you basic info, it cant teach you everything there is… Battlefield experience trumps anything you might learn in school…

the mechanic (or a similar one) you suggested is surely interesting and better than just lowering the xp to 1 per hour (and not 2). Nice :v:

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But it’s all the point, not favor tiny teams. I quote you didn’t answered my question, play Long War 2 before request such change and use more than two teams and we will argue again about the topic.

I think jj482b is just saying that the Training Centers mechanic isn’t much interesting as it is now.
Honestly I think he’s right.
It is not much a fact of XP abusing, it is just not really interesting to see soldiers grow a lot without doing anything. This removes (not entirely, obviously) the taste to properly build a character (as for LW 1-2 for example)

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You played Long War 2? Ok you like long grinding, ok different tastes.

XCOM1&2 with hiring high level soldiers and then grind them one level or two? Mmm this always bored me, at each campaign I tried setup a special team for final, I get bored, and gave ip and used a set from all soldiers.

If PP is a 12 soldiers game, or 16 soldiers game, I believe it would be too much grinding already.

The point here is a big roster game, there’s 9 bases and you use 2 teams, well it seems not fit even if it’s efficient. And for a big roster grind all of it is campaign killer. So you played LW2, how many soldiers?

i played LW2, LWOTC and even LW1 with LWR… so i know exactly how those mods work. But that was not the point… all im saying Passive XP you get from training centers is downplaying importance of doing combat missions… I’m not saying they should not improve soldiers, im just saying they should do that but to the certain point… after which you have to get experience old fashioned way by actually fighting the Aliens.

As it is right now, you can build up all your bases with training centers, recruit 40 rookies, and after 2 weeks, they all will be level 7 without firing single shot… and thats bad mechanics

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Yes different tastes, boredom for me. I play combats for the fun or the result (reward, progression, …) or both, not to level up a huge pool of soldiers.

Ok you know what it implies with 45 soldiers, 5 soldiers per base, and it’s fine for you. Not for me, let agree to disagree.

Sure, it is a matter of gameplay taste so I fully understand you.
have to say though that I’ve always been more interested in the strategical part more than the tactical one (as for total war games for example, since you could say they theoretically work the same way: a strategic part and a battle part)

I’ve always played LW 1-2 with a lot of soldiers, not playing it hardcore but making xp progresses slower (and a lot of other tweaks).

This isn’t done in a fingertips, this require a long time to equip them, a lot more to level up them all.

You could just not use Training Center, or shot them off when needed or put in planes soldiers to grind.

EDIT: Try it, 45 soldiers no training center, it’s certainly doable.

Best players don’t use that much soldiers but it’s hard, so yeah me too I was using a huge pool, and get bored a long time before finish a campaign.

I don’t like at all, for me LW2 is no way better than XCOM2, different.

In current game state nerfing training centers would make game much much harder, maybe even unwinable. I didn’t like that when I started playing, but now I think it is ok.

Basically training to use abilities and combat experience are two different things. From training you learn new stuff. From combat experience you get nerves of steel when under pressure so you can do what you learned in training without panicking (it is hard to hit a target when you are shaking).

In game I would like to see that combat experienced soldiers are more resistant to panic or have more will points.

lol, i gave it as example… It doesnt matter how many troops you have in base… If you have several training centers, and leave them inside for two weeks, they will be Level 7… without any fighting…

Perhaps, currently it’s a roster approach, even a soldier level 7 can continue improve with global skill points. But the current system have a problem of not having any cap per soldier.

A two level improvement, second level linked to grind not too influential, perhaps. It’s still a system that would play well with 40 soldiers.

It’s a current weirdness of the design, many bases, but the most efficient is certainly use two teams nothing more. Still I love big rosters because of the diversity they can offer and in PP it’s huge. Have to grind a big roster looks so tedious when I just want more soldiers and teams diversity.

EDIT: Play option, with Training Center or not, and everybody happy, are are they? For me it’s fine.

EDIT2: Combat experience, second XP type, training experience is bring by combats and training center. Huge problem how not make it look confusing.

Anyway, Combat experience unlock various cap of global skill points. Like 10 without any and then 10 more per combat experience level up until level 7. For sure it’s random numbers.

It remains the problem of having two different level up scale. It’s a bit confusing. I remind the confusions from a global level and a class level in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark.

Two teams for flying around, at least 5 soldiers to garrison every base, in every region you want to defend in late game one full tiamat… that is a lot of soldiers to train. Without training centers it would be suffering.

There’ no need for that. Firstly for base a player gave a tips, build Mutogs and stop the build right before the end. At base attack send them for reinforcement. Nice idea. :slight_smile:

But there’s much more, pick the 4 closest bases and let other fall, two teams do all the stuff and all the global skill points are concentrated on few soldiers, stronger soldiers.

Training Centers are currently the only way against the difficult spike. So when they are changed you must gain more XP in battle to have a Chance. But they are one stone with could be changed but only when you move the whole Mountain :wink:

I like the current use of Tactical Centers. They compensate for losing soldiers. The game is predicated on losing soldiers and you can invest in the tac centers rather than running training missions to build or rebuild your forces. I think they should make recruitment cheaper as it’s too expensive in the early game until you get the Project: Domovoy (sp?). That research should come much, much earlier. I like having more troops to pick from and it’s easier to sustain losses if you have a decent repertoire to chose from. I also think people would save scum less if recruitment was cheaper, I know I would.

As mentioned in another post, the Tac Centers are much like being able to buy better trained recruits as in Xcom2 and LW2. It also helps prevent the monotony of grinding out yet more grinding for leveling.

Much of the game is designed around level 7 troopers with rather flat research upgrades in weaponry, so the Tac Centers help keep up with the evolving Pandas.


I hope the dev team realize it’s hardly a majority of players that like grinding. So either it’s a small number of soldiers either it’s a big roster but the grinding problem need be targeted.

XCOM2 is more than one million players for a reason, Long War 2 is hardly 100K players, in first you hire high level soldiers to avoid the grinding.

In western a lot of players hate grinding, in eastern (let say Asia) they enjoy… except that a lot of remake from Eastern games have an option to hugely low down the grinding.

Another example, Final Fantasy Tactics is an amazing game… but the grinding during combats or with more combats is just awful. Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark is widely inspired by FFT but they put a lot of care to allow avoid the grinding or have it quite tiny.

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