Too much speed makes defense difficult

I actually don’t, that’s why in my example my soldier had “only” 23 speed although he had your beloved “agile legs” mutation (+5 speed, jump 1 floor, immune to goo). It was the speediest on my team.

I don’t usually do lairs like I tried yesterday for demonstration purpose (but it worked easily - so quick).

What such a speed allows though is move far, shoot, move far back (and that’s without using dash).

Yeah saw it afterwards for the jump, common why there’s all this text to read in video games? WTH? :stuck_out_tongue:

My faster is 22, nothing OP in my opinion.

For me, what’s OP mostly is dash. It should at least cost AP like lots of other things that cost nothing (mind control, panic, mind crush, priest stuff) and lower will cost.
You move 2 AP for the price of 1, it’s already super powerfull. But not that spammable.
I’d personnaly limit it to once per turn (or at least on legendary).

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The problem come frrom the fact those skill is spamable. I prefer to limit use at twice per turn. You can keep the spirit of dash without abusing it. It is true for most of the other skills that only use will.