It’s not funny any more! Quit messing with the assaults speed!

I’m so over it. I was not happy with the change to the “dash” ability and also the change to lower max speed to 20. I just spent 16 turns getting a wounded soldier out. 16 Turns!!! He did have a leg disabled which was my fault, his overwatch all went into a light pole. 16 turns on a scavenger mission. This was the first one in a new game but I’m only waiting for it to get worse.

I don’t use terminator builds, so I try to keep the game some what realistic. To keep that in mind adrenaline rush should only increase damage on melee weapons, and speed. How does a dose of epinephrine make my shotgun more powerful? It doesn’t. But the hammer I’m swinging!!! That makes sense. There is a lot to like about the update, but also a lot of disappointing changes.

What if your non-assault is wounded ? Would you create a new topic complaining about not every class having a dash ability ? Or do you just cross class everything with assault ?

That being said, it would be nice to be able to carry wounded soldiers around.

I generally do not cross class at all. I like having specific characters with specific strengths and weaknesses. I feel if you cross class everything you make all you soldiers too versatile and none are special. They all become replaceable because they are all the same.

But then this could have happened to any non-assault soldier prior to the dash nerf. So the example of a wounded soldier doesn’t really hold up when arguing your case.

The biggest issue with the speed is that you need to have it… when the monsters spawns on top of the objectives, when the chirons can see you through buildings and the synedrion can oneshot you without even having seen you on the map you have to be able to move… if that is fixed then the need for movement might be reduced; but right now the “nerf everything” approach seems a bit meh.

But they would need to do changes gradually - not everything at the same time because of two reasons:

  • players don’t like too many changes at once,
  • possible number of bugs introduced with each change.

Current speed is more than enough to be able to deal with enemies.

I’m a fan of this (Cthulhu) version fix of Dash. It’s a substantial boost without being too ridiculous, as it was before.

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I agree. I will report back if I still love it, once I run into Chirons… and without broken Rage Burst on my snipers.