(Suggestion) Dash + Overwatch

Right now, Dash is kinda overused, and makes in combat movement quite trivial. I think it would be better, if Dash just converted Willpower into movement points, and by activating Dash, player would have option either to move as far as possible, but spend ALL Willpower, or do short movement for less Willpower points.

As it is, Dash (and other abilities that needs to activate as well) is a bit tedious, as player usually activates it multiple times, yet that movement feels almost like cheating, while it completely destroys any tactical movement/ placement/formation player usually uses in similar types of games.

Another suggestion is with Overwatch. I believe it would be better if number of Overwatch shots fired, was based on amount of available APs when Overwatch was activated. So If player decides to overwatch with Assault Rifle armed soldier which has 4AP, that soldier should fire twice in overwatch. Action points should always be used if they are reserved.

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Not a fan of any changes to dash, especially causing it to use all will points. The trade off is already the risk of running into a pack of sirens when your guy has zero will, hey free mind control for them! It’s a risk reward type ability… usually it pays off.

Do like the overwatch using reserve APs… could be handy if an assault didn’t move to fire twice in overwatch, or maybe 4 times for a tech with PDW.

thats the thing, instead of let say 4x dash for all your will points, that gives you tripple move across the map, you would get one additional full move for entire will, or several short ones for just few will points to effectively maneuver within movement range… this way, you woulnt use Dash to scout far away, but use it tactically to deal what is close to you…

It could work by making let say 8 Willpoints to be equivalent of single AP that is useable only for movement and can be used same way as standard movement for partial steps or full movement…

Dash destroys nothing, extra mobility doesn’t destroy placements, the no cover system and ballistic damages it much more, overall for the good in my opinion.

Limit number of dashes, I don’t know, is it really that important to limit players on that? 4 dashes to scout and back at price of WP exhausted, I see no OP hole here.

There’s a discussion related to this going on here, which you might like to be aware of: Gaining willpower is too easy

+1 It would work a lot better that way. Dash at the moment is silly.

Speed = Distance/Time

If time is zero then soldiers are moving instantly to a new position. Short of teleportation being a thing this is scientifically impossible.

For my part, I’m not a fan of bending time like dash does. I’m currently trying a legendary campaign and avoiding all the “easy” tactics and it’s quite entertaining. The Pandorans seem to not charge blindly (except stomper Chiron & Scylla) when they see you in good cover and unreachable, which gives you more time to plan and try to flank.

I would like dash to cost 3WP and be 1AP of movement usable once per turn (for legendary - or custom difficulty that would be so super nice).
Just the push to get a better position to fire a shotgun up close or keep for the “Oh s… !!” moment.

For over-watch, it would be nice if:

  • the precision depends on the cone’s width
  • the number of shots depends on your AP left when initiating it
  • having a sniper with perk 2 that make over-watch cost 1AP less -> 2 sniper shots, 4 AR shots
  • applies covering fire, if a Pandoran tries to shoot while in the cone, shoot at it BEFORE
    • even if it was already the target of a previous over-watch by this soldier when entering the cone

Of course, all the suggestions means a better balancing of everything in the game.

For my part I play with some mods and the ones that make it really fun for me are:

  • changed the airplanes stats to double range, speed & seats
  • see potential recruit custom perks (would like if they came without mutations)
  • no limit for troop deployment - I can bring as many soldiers I want for a mission
    • the more you bring, the less XP each one gets, getting to level 7 is slower
    • I still have soldiers training at the base (leveling much quicker :wink:)

I agree with OP. :slight_smile: After reading previous and this thread… I realized that people really want to see and play this game differently. I wonder how would people react to my modifications of game, and If I should really bother to do it.

If you don’t mind me asking; how are you doing it?

Do you know whether it is technically possible to create a mod that would let the player selectively remove perks from the game, give them a cool down, or even restrict them to once per turn?

There are lots of mods on Nexus. However, they are limited to tweeks around the core mecanics.
If you want more deeper changes, you have to wait for the game to be moddable, or change the dlls that came with the game.