About movement and dual classing

I see some people reporting AP penalties as bug. Before that complaining about dash interruptions when enemy spotted. Even a single square movement maybe should consume an entire AP. The idea of shoot and hide is very nice, but the percentage consumption of AP is somehow against turn based games tradition. Congrats for bringing new thighs as ballistics, weak point shooting and others, but the above imbalance the game and reduce the map size perception. You will not find this in chess, backgammon or nine men’s mills. It may remain as an earnable ability of some class and/or legs(but not those for speed), drones, worms.
At least one dual class, assault/snipper, should be denied or limited to a max number of soldiers. Or between some abilities should exist a mutual exclusion (e.g. quick shot should bring to gray rally troops)
Assault/snipper dual appears as an ostrichcamel. Proficient with booth SG and SR should be just 1-2 random soldiers of Fortune having a ‘xeno’ personal perk (e.g. snipper with CQ) .

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“Why you want to ruing open sandbox and positive experience of so many players?” :smiley:

I don’t really like movement being used “per action point” like in FiraXCOMs. Especially in this game, where line of sight is of such importance and it is difficult to judge whenever you will get a good shot or not - I find having to move tile by tile sometimes a necessity to overcome UI shortcomings (aka. not being able if I actually have a shot from certain spot or not).

If anything, I would rather see full action point system, instead of weapons using set percentage of action points.

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