Tips and things you wished you had known

It time consuming searching the net for tips or things you wished you knew before you started to play the game. So I thought it a good idea to make a post for your tips and unusual things you have discovered in PP, all in one place.
Two thing I learned last night.

1 - Watch out for elite troops when recruiting. They have a little symbol next to their Icon.
2 - Don’t reload until your empty. Not sure if you lose ammo or why the you-tuber gave this as a tip. Investigation is needed.


Build 2 training center in your base and leave new recruits there! They level up very fast - even faster than in combat!

Build food production sites since you need the resource to trade for other resources in the havens. Your only waybesides mission to get the resources (which you need!!).

Forget vehicles - don´t waste resources in them as they are trash

Focus on hybrid soldiers. Snipers and Heavies are a must in this (broken) game


Is there any way of opening up the blanked out spaces in your base, because space is a issue.

Spam Dash for a much easier time. A Soldier gains Will from each Kill, so they can keep going for a decent time before having to recover. Also, those highlighted places on the map recover Will for ALL soldiers, not just whoever enters it. So make sure to have soldiers use abilities before entering those zones as to not waist the extra Will.

Now that I think about it… that seems pretty dumb, to me. I guess it means that as soon as you get a dedicated training base, you can level up everyone to max level pretty rapidly, which on one hand is neat… but it makes the whole levelling process kind of moot, doesn’t it?

Yipp! Correct! Another broken feature of this game!

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But training center is necessary. We may run out of patience to level up all these character while facing Sirens(>=4)

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PLUS… the fact you have limited time on the game also makes it needed… I hate the limited time with a passion… There needs to be a way to put it on hold like in XCOM it had a time limit but you could get things done and reduce the counter, here it just plain sucks, I like to explore and take my time I HATE having time pressures added when it is So unbalanced to begin with.

Sirens are broken too, for sure. Reminds me of the saying two wrongs don’t make a right. If you try to balance out broken features, like broken abilities, you end up with more of mess.

What we need is a good curve of soldier losses and retraining. It shouldn’t be effortless to retrain them, but it shouldn’t be gruelling either.

They have a time limit!? And here I thought you could control for that, via the corruption counter, and destroying hives. It’s one thing to make it progressively harder to stall for time, it’s another to have a hard limit.

This is what ended my game in a massacre. I took my time, big crime. :slight_smile:

OT: it would be definitely better to recruit already level’d up soldiers and using training centers to maybe learn them the abilities.

Also vehicles are definitely not useless. Scarab is supereffective in missions against humans, where it just induce mass panic within seconds.

Anyway I wish I knew I have to help all the factions no matter if I agree with them or not.
I wish I knew research is completely useless.

That you might as well restart your game if the initial faction quests are situated on the opposite end of the globe.

Thanks for the tips.

One note from my playing time. I have never had a heavy or sniper hit anything even at close range! And with their lack of movement, I find them close to useless on a very fast-paced battlefield. Even in X-Com could not see the need for a sniper as once you got then setup, the action was nowhere near them anymore. And, here in PP, my heavy’s only daze and push back fireworms. I have seen point-blank heavy shots go so wide that they hit 60’ away from the target that is 1 tile away.

I focus on assault with high WP and speed. As I am on a lower-end computer, it takes a long time for each turn. So I have not progressed to the fancy stuff yet.

I do, kind of, agree on the vehicle comment. The scarab keeps driving into things that cause it more damage than the enemy. Is the crew drunk or stoned? And the missiles almost never hit where there they are aimed for. Sometimes not even close! Indirect fire is, for the most part, very accurate.

I do have one that I use to flush out the bad guys on missions as they tend to go for that other than for the troops, which saves on the troops But, as it seems as training troops may be easier than thought before may have to rethink this a bit.


The training tree (this may have been talked about elsewhere) also needs work as why can not be able to choose what to train our troops in? And, if we can’t choose, why do we see what the future holds for the troops future training?

And if we don’t like the path chosen for that troop, there is no way to change it or to remove said troop in favor of a more beneficial trooper for our cause.


Erm you can see what training is ahead for a trooper. Just click on “Training”, and you’ll see all the unlocks available per level. As for paths to train them in, this opens up further as you build up your alliances with the factions.

At the beginning of the game you’ll only be able to select from:

  • Assault
  • Heavy
  • Sniper

And then via alliances you gain:

  • Beserker
  • Infiltrator
  • Priest
  • Technician

As for things I wish I’d known:

  1. Tiamat’s are BY FAR the best aircraft in the game, due to their capacity for 8. Downside being that they are super slow moving compared to the other aircraft. It’s a shame that you can’t upgrade ships in this game.
  2. Pythagoras VII - Best sniper rifle. Acheron armor best sniper armor.
  3. Deimos AR-L - Best assault rifle. Wardog armor best assault armor.
  4. Don’t bother trying to capture xeno’s until you have atleast 2-3 guys equipped with appropriate weaponry. Also that, capturing works very a rating that is different per Pandoran type. The boss types are around 100, where as the standard enemies are generally around 30.

You can have up to eight guys on the battlefield. If your ship isn’t big enough, send a second ship before you start the mission.

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Ship upgrades and interceptions are coming in DLC #2 I think.

You mean if I park 2 ships on the same site before hitting “Deploy” I get to bring up to 8 from BOTH ships combined?! This is the only tip in this thread I never knew about! WOW! Now I can build my Predator Hunting team! 2 x Mutog + 2 Handlers muahahhahahaa


Best piece of advice I wish I’d known is the ability to scale the overwatch cone with ctrl + middle mouse.

Being able to narrow it down to a specific doorway, or enlarge it to cover as much as half the screen can be a huge asset in later missions and let you get the most from snipers.


Black spaces in the base become only accessible if you build something on their sides.

It’s unfortunately possible that 2-3 stones can block a black space if all are placed in the corner.