Tips and thoughts

Hello, after a “little” bit playing this game and after many wipe etc , i starting to come victorious in almost every map, this game can be punishing some times , specially in mid game, when everything is ok and next every alien had a huge HP and power buff and you still have the first guns that you can get and you don’t have any soldiers beyong lvl 5.

There is a few tips for you:

  • NEVER let the diplomatic mission standing by , you are just losing future rep with the factions.

  • Try to be friends with all the 3 factions, yes this is possible , if you play your cards right you can ally with all factions.

  • Use the the Pandoran Colony, lairs or citadel gain Rep with everyone and in the Exploration you can win rep with everyone but sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice some rep with one faction to gain with another, just try to do in a balance way.

  • Fish for good soldiers perks, it’s easy save and load and try another spot.

  • Infiltrator with an Stealth perk it’s a most , you will get 100% so you won’t be discover even if the enemy is next to you, this is specially GOOD in pandoran lairs that can take to much time to do it, with 2 or 3 infiltrators with extra Stealth just go for the boss and GG . The down thing is you need to fish for this soldier perk.

  • Sniper/Heavy you need them, for the bosses and chiron and sirens, Rage Burst will “oneshot” them.

  • Sniper it’s the best class in the game, early, mid and late game Quick Aim it’s probably one of the best talents in the game so you can mix that with other classes

  • Don’t even bother to use Assault Rifle in mid game, they are useless until you get the New Jericho Armor Pen ones

  • Try to get Armor Penatration weapons ASAP, they are the best weapons in the game ( After Thor Missiles )

  • You can’t save every Heaven after mid to late game so don’t bother ( specially after the factions start to war each others , just try to balance the rep.

  • Make a Training base with 4 or 5 Training rooms, it’s 2 XP per hour each soo will be 8 or 10 ( and it will have 50% boost in mid game with New Jericho Research.

  • Atleast get 25 Rep with every Faction fast as you can so they will reveal the Heavens to you this will help ALOT your exploring

  • Try to destroy , Pandoran colony , lairs and cidatels asap, at least for me if none is up the heaven don’t get attack as often

  • Do as many scavenging missions in early game as possible, you need ALOT of resources and that missions are EASY in the early game and it’s a good resource of XP to

  • Explore before the Mist reach the exploring points so you don’t get ambush as often, i think if you explore inside the mist the probability for ambush it’s greater

  • Mist Repealer are your friends mid to late game so your bases don’t get attack as often so oyu don’t lose the time defending them so try to at least have 50 rep with Synedrion and they will give you the research.

  • Shoot for the Arms , if you notive that you can’t kill it but they have a 2 hand weapon , go for the arms generally they have low HP and less armor and will be a huge DPS loss for the enemy and an easy turn for you.

  • Use your Heavys war cry it’s a most late game, will reduce your enemy AP by 2 ad it’s an AoE, so jet pack and war cry

  • If you don’t know where its the enemy , just make good overwatchs, let they come to you first

  • Try to go inside an house if you have a chiron on the map and you can’t kill it in that turn, they won’t fire if you’re inside

  • Use the Trade alot, specially trading food for tech or materials , food is the only resource that you can generate and you will start to have huge quantitys, but don’t over do it you still need food to recruit new soldiers and feed them.

  • Try to discover Phoenix Point bases fast has you can, they already have some building , and it’s cheaper to repair instead of building.

  • Try to build your 2nd ship earlier, yes i mean build, you can steal it but you will sacrifice a good chuck of your early Rep with some faction and if you really want to have 25 or 50 rep faster it’s better to don’t do it.

There is some builds that i use:

  • Infiltrator/Berserker - with the extra Stealth perk you’re a ghost you can kill everyone on the map with only 1 soldiers with this build, HUGE damage when you’re attacking the back with the Hammer.
    Stat Focus: SPD

  • Infiltrator/Sniper - almost the same but it’s range and you can almost one shot everyone when you’re Stealth.
    Stat Focus:WILL then SPD

  • Sniper/Heavy - Why Sniper Heavy? simple, Mark for Death and RageBurst, it’s the Boss Killer Combo, will kill Scyllas in the first round, this build make the Citadels easier then the Lairs.
    Stat Focus: 9 WILL MIN then SPD

  • Assault/Sniper (Shotgun) - a shotgun close quarters will kill the most enemys in one shot, Dash and Quick Aim are a good Combo for that
    Stat Focus: WILL = SPD

  • Assault/Sniper (Mix) - You can use an Assault Rifle and Sniper in the same soldier with a nice Accuracy, sometimes you will Quick aim first shot with the sniper and then finish with the rifle, and if you need to move you can still shot.
    Stat Focus: WILL = SPD

  • Priest/Assault - Priest just have the most OP Aoe in the game The Mind Crush, it will do 100 Damage in a really good Area for 6 Will, the assaul part it’s only for the dash so you can get in the middle of everyone and don’t forget you get 2 will for each kill so if you find a good pack of enemys go for it.
    Stat Focus: Will then SPD

  • Berserker/Heavy - This is just a tank with the mutations in the mid game and can do Great melee damage, and you can use some heavy weapons if you want.
    Stat Focus: STR=SPD

  • Heavy/Sniper - This is an heavy with better Aim , it’s good in the early game when you don’t have better heavy weapons with good ACC, specially good with Caution perk, you can really pack some damage with hell cannon at longer range. In the mid ot late game you can use some good explosive like the THOR missile and the archangel launcher, do less damage but have more ACC
    Stat Focus :STR=SPD

  • Priest/Infiltrator - Same has before but now you join the perma Stealth with the Mind Crush ability
    Stat Focus: WILL then SPD

  • Tech/Assault - Tech is the best way to heal and support in the game , and the Turrets are no joke, i prefer to him with assault because the dash but specially because the free reload and inventory talent, because when you catch the turrets that you’re throw before , they go to the inventory , so you can put it in the hands again and throw it again
    Stat Focus: Tech really need every Stat, STR for inventory, will for the abilitys and SPD to move to allies to hell them, just balance it

Vehicles i don’t really use it , yeah they are good specially in early game i advise to have one , but you will sacrifice 1 for 3 soldiers and in the mid to late game isn’t really worth it and it will steal XP of the soldiers

Ships , i prefer the phoenix one 6 slots , good speed and range, the disciples have the most slots but it’s too slow to responde to heavens attacks and synedrion it’s the fastest one but with less slots, you can use 2 to have your pref soldiers since you need 2 ships if you want to have 8 soldiers on the missions.

Hope this helps someone, because this game can be and will be very punishing even with this tips

I feel like you missed one important combo - assault + infiltrator. With Rapid Clearance and Dash you can mop up a lot of trash in one turn, which is helpful especially in the last mission.

Other than that though I like your infiltrator/berserker idea; hammering everyone to death is both fun and also it conserves ammo. I guess it depends on how many 100% stealthers you can get.

The problem is it quickly lead to a relationship disbalance between PP and factions.
Doing that will rush max relationship with a faction and low or negative for others. That’s the point of this tips? And then try pick a second faction to rush to max relationship?

Boredom tips, borderline cheating, you should remove it.

EDIT: Otherwise it’s interesting opinions and options to consider use.

I think you missed Assault/Heavy…

I won’t fish for specific traits, as most traits have some use to them…and trying to figure out where they fit best is a great deal of fun.

I feel the 100% stealth infiltrator (be it a sniper or a shotgun lobotomy surgeon) is both overly effective with its double damage feat, and overly safe by the fact that very few enemies will actively engage you when invisible and that silenced weapons don’t function like they should (loud weapons or crossbows don’t seem to matter atoll for stealth). granted they are extremely powerful and trivialize many a mission but it just feels wrong to abuse this. in my opinion, this class should be decimated by the nerfhammer.

personally I prefer stripping armor over stacking armor penetration, as stripping allows you to use the relatively high damage per action point weapons. as such I use assault rifles against pretty much everything at every stage in the game.

snipers are indeed insane, their ability loadout is awesome…their gear is awesome really nothing bad about them. but I don’t feel they are inherently overpowered.

training center stack…the more I play the game the more I feel it is mandatory…its not like the newbies will have much of a chance in the late game missions that are thrown at the player unless the player is using a cheese method and the ability to safely get competent troops at a reasonable pace is important.

vehicles have a massive opportunity cost, and so far they aren’t worth it…while they do bring some unique features (that I will try to test despite the fact that just bringing more soldiers would be a better option) they are simply not worth the amount of soldier slots they take up. they need a serious buff and/or serious reduction in their opportunity cost to become competitive to just sending in more troops. and they really need a loadout screen for ammo, gun-customization or whatnot.

I never tried that one, never comes by but indeed that build with a shotgun can be very strong man thanks for the idea :wink:

When i mean diplomatic mission it’s the ones you receive at 25/50/75 Rep, if ou pick one and rusch it your 2nd and 3rd oens will take ages , if you do the 3 at the same time in a balance way ( it’s possible i have done it ) you can the 3 in just a little more time that you can make 1 and half.

And man it’s not cheating , it’s clever use of the game mechanics , since this game it’s still broken everyone knows it you need to use everything you can or you will be rip in the mid game.

I tried this one and didn’t find that useful, if you want to use it in a more heavy way with the armor your dash it’s pretty garbage unless you have tons of speed, and in a more assaul way , you have better combos with rage burst, even rapid clearance doesnt justify it it’s just give you 2 action poit and heavy weapons need 3 , but tell me your idea maybe it’s very good.

Yes infiltrator with 100% can make missions easy mode , and i agree with the nerf if Devs nerf the HUGE power spikes that aliens have, from the early to mid game they almost double HP and gain HUGE quantitys of armor they can one shot every soldier and sirens, 2 mind controls per turn ? HUGE armor and HP , i know you can do it with a priest but you need to have a GOOD leveled priest for that. In beginning i was trying to kill everything in one turn but that’s not possible, going for arms and specific parts like sirens head and others that make abilitys are really the way and make the game “easy” but not that easy , not to talk about the spawn of the enemy in heaven defences sometimes that you pretty much lose the game in one turn, soo when they balane the game yes i agreed nerf the 100% stealth infiltrator till then nope.

For armor pen to stripping it’s really a 50/50 i prefer kill faster and new jericho sniper rifle can pretty much bypass all armor in the game.

Don’t think i don’t like dificult things , i played XCOM 1 and 2 in IRONMAN max dificulty, and when i i got rip sometimes is when i have done something bad, in here playing on hero or legend it’s pure pain, you can play it perfectly and you will get wipe , in legend enemys have 100% accuracy for what i saw, it’s a miracle when they don’t hit Cover in this game doesn’t matter, you can be in full cover they hit you in your nail , you’re dead, you don’t have a bunker down option that maybe make your soldier hide is body better , in legend you really need to go for the limbs 100% of the time and the HP pool … Really pain

They are good at maneuverability (rocket jump + WP running), especially using rocket jump can make them not need SPD; with the support of Tech / Assault, they can complete rocket jump + 2 AP attack in one round; they are good at melee (200+ HP, Ignore the shield); no weapon talent wasted …

Good at killing bugs (+ 1WP to everyone and + 2AP to himself … especially they are good at PDW)

Ok so the tips was a little bit misguiding giving a feeling of rush necessity. In my current play the third faction quest (25%) is at the other side of the globe, sigh.

It’s still total boredom, cheating or not, if it is required to do it then say it clearly, if not it’s a boredom tips that doesn’t match others in your list. My opinion, your could be (is) different.