Scarab is dissapointing

I built a scarab and I intended to destroy a nest with it.
However it is a bit dissapointing:

  • Ammo: you know in real life any armored unit usually carries between 50 and 75 rounds of ammo (AP and HE)… no way you can only shoot 4 times and then have a yacht on the battlefield.
  • Movement: so basically you can crush ANYTHING while moving except enemies? I’m sorry, is the battle taking place in Switzerland and you immediately stop when the enemy has to cross the street? Just out of real history: An armored assault terrified infantry because they could be literally crushed under their tracks… It wasn’t the gun
  • Space: 3 spaces in a carrier? omg… so that means with a manticore I can carry a scarab and 3 infantry? I can’t really do much with that in a nest.

Vehicles are nice, give them some ammo, make them smaller and allow them to crush enemy infantry… then we’re talking!
And maybe allow different modules (Rockets, Gun, MachineGun) to be mounted… modular is much more efficient.

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The vehicles aren’t much use in the nests anyways, since they don’t fit in them most of the time.

As for being unable to crush stuff under tread, yeah, that has been brought up.

Also, the vehicles are only roughly the size of a Humvee, so having a lot of ammo is not to be expected given they are also NBC protected

And again this is case reality vs ballance.

With 50 rockets you would kill EVERYTHING on the map including Scarab on it’s own. It has to be low value to not overpower this unit.

If vehicle can carry at least 4 soldiers inside it is quite strange it takes place of only 3 soldiers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the game even suggests to use vehicles as scouts :smiley:
Current meta is to park it in the furthest, most closed of, corner of the map and retreat right after ammunition is expelled. I had couple of maps where each and every crabman was just shooting at apc across the map till it exploded. At the end, 4 double rockets is very situational and doesn’t solve anything that wasn’t solvable be regular soldiers. It actually only adds a challenge of keeping it alive. So all those 4 rockets shots are very likely to target enemy that endangers APC itself.

Scarab is pointless because when you get one, it’s too expensive to manufacture and use… and when you finally can create many of them… they are useless, because you clean the map with berserker or assault during the first turn.
Scarab could be a scout if only has more armour. Really, this is a glass cannon. keep it behind the lines for ‘shit in the fan’ situations. but then… maybe bring extra heavy with GL, sniper and assault and prevent such situations?