The games great now how do I get my Scarab working?

To hell with the controversy the game is great fun, zero bugs so far for me just a couple of questions:

  1. I was just given a scarab by finding a phoenix base however I can’t find an option to take it into battle?

  2. I assume the base building is just placeholder and that I should just ignore it for the time being?


You take it as any other soldier (list of soldiers/personnel). You just need to have a space in the dropship.

Yes. It will be in next Backers Build.

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Thanks yokes. Yeah I assumed it was something like that. Regards the Vehicle when I go through my list of soldiers and scarab do I have to highlight it? Move it above other soldiers? I only have 5 soldiers at the moment as I got ambushed at an alien nest. I also don’t know where manticore space is indicated.

1 vehicle, 4 troops that’s a full load for the Manticore.

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Got it. That makes sense. I assume deselecting soldiers is done in the personnel list. Thanks

At the moment I take one of each type of troop and the Assault normally drives it. As an add on suggestion if a trooper runs out of ammo could they go to the apc and reload with some clips stored in the vehicle?

I’d just max strength on your assault and use them as your pack mule.

I know, but it would be a bit more ‘realistic’ rather than using a game play exploit. Sheesh using realistic describition about a game!:wink:

True, can’t deny that.