Game consistently freezes after 2-3min of play--Refunds going to be available for overwhelming bugs?

When the game is running for several minutes, it consistently freezes for me. Every time. Graphics still display and there’s some sound that continues after freeze for a few moments, but then it required a hard restart.

First time happened during the second tutorial mission.

Second time during the mission loadout while I was equipping soldiers.

Every subsequent time it’s happened during the first mission (worm infestation) after my 3rd or 4th soldier takes a shot.

The game is unplayable. I have been incredibly excited for this game, and incredibly disappointed that it is unplayable. Judging by the posts here, it seems the game is nigh unplayable for almost everyone.

If these bugs aren’t addressed within the first week of release, do you plan to issue an open call for refunds? Because this is absolutely ridiculous.