Things which should get adressed imo

most times you go into cover where deployed and most of the fights take place not far from spawn point

when clicking on enemy, highlight tiles of its movement range

when picking up items, grey out items, as soon as no more action points are available to pick them up

when looting boxes, show how much ressources you have in base, so you dont have to remember, what you actually need most

choose direction where to look, for when soldier finished to move

show inventory space (f.e. 14/18) infight onto the portrait - or else I have to look into inventory everytime to see, which soldier still has space

interupt movement when misclicking with ESC

in manufacturing: move items up in construction queue and when interupting a construction, pause it, dont cancel construction completely

the game is constantly rotating the map… (for example when pressing ESC) please stop this! this is quiet confusing sometimes and fucking annoying

soldiers are not able to lean over from roof tops. its pretty useless to have the higher ground, when enemies are closer to the building. Overall sending soldiers on roof is a time of waste in the most cases

show in personnel screen how many skill points a soldier can spend, so I dont have to click through all the soldiers to see which one has SP

There is no explanation how certain effects work - like Virus for every bullet hitting an enemy

Overall the UI could need a big rework. Is this game made for consoles?


good points, and good news the next patch is supposed to bring an UI overhaul.

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Long Response Alarm :wink:

To break down what I see as a good & not so good here.

  1. Satisfies the Instant Action crowd. Not that I am against hunting down the enemy, mind you. In fact, I prefer that unknown aspect, of Is it around the next corner?
  2. Not a horrible idea. But … Well it just seems fundamentally wrong to me. Like showing a How far can they throw/shoot at me from? thing.
  3. Agreed. However (always with the Howevers Odee!) This is handled in the Inventory Screen Which I too find mildly annoying. Maybe a Red Slash through items you have no AP to pickup, or use would work too?
  4. Again, not a bad idea. But probably better done with a Tab Out/Popup Function instead.
  5. I believe soldiers already do a 360 scan. But , (yay no However) choosing a facing would be ultra good micromanaging. But it would leave you open to being blind sided, and stabbed in the back unawares too. :eyes:
  6. I’m on the fence here. Would like to see an Encumbrance Meter added to the icons though. Mabey like Tick Boxes we see already … I forget what those are for, at the moment, and am too lazy to look right now. :frowning:
  7. Uhm … No. However, I would like to hit ESC and realign my Over Watch Zone, before ending the soldiers turn. Several times this has bitten me, where the placement hangs up/freezes, and I hit the mouse by mistake, locking the soldier into looking at a blank wall. But to be honest, I’m probably misinterpreting what you meant.
  8. Already done. The queue keeps the progress of an interrupted task intact. :+1:
  9. I only see this when launching Rockets or Grenades. But it’s a Snap to Angle thing that I see going on. Haven’t seen any Spinning Map Bug yet. However the world does spin, and life goes on. :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Agreed. But you can always drop an egg, or brick on the target you can’t lean over to shoot. Deploying Turrets on roofs with railings is annoying AF to me. Why the turret cannot raise itself over the railing height & must shoot through said railing is beyond me. :frowning:
  11. That would be a good feature for the Mission Complete Screen to have included, in addition to the Yellow Leveled Box.
  12. Agreed mostly. Other than a glossing over of The Virus cause damage to Infected… blurb, and the X Number Virus Damage on the weapon mouseover. Maybe they presumed we wanted only to see the damage. Instead of How it works?
  13. :eyes: I have Triskaidekaphobia! :scream: As was said earlier. This is coming soon. :vulcan_salute: :peace_symbol:
  1. I am not speaking of shooting or throwing range, but of moving range. And you can actually see how many tiles enemies can go when hovering over them, but you have to count the tiles on the floor. So why not introduce this feature

  2. I am not speaking of where they are actually “scanning”, but which parts of the body they present to the enemy. This way you could for example hide your right arm, which is maybe close to being disabled.

  3. sorry to hear that, here you get a fourteen instead :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for you feedback

  1. Still a bad idea IMO. shrugs
  2. Now I’m confused. Are you wanting to just change Facing, or something else? I can see where changing facing would lower your target profile in some aspects, as long as you know where the enemy is shooting from.
  3. Hawt damn, I am cured! TYVM :vulcan_salute: :bowing_man: :rofl: