Soldier movement tweaks, LoS indicator

Few ideas what can be changed in movement system

  1. turning soldier in place - allow us to decide which way soldier will face at the end of his turn, which will help us protect his weaker hand or damaged armour , it may require holding right mouse button while giving move order and showing desired way

  2. move order queue - let us change order in which game switches between soldiers during battle. It will help us to create teams on the map, so for example 3 soldiers go one way, and 3 go the other way and we can queue them in this order, so we won’t have a mess in move like 1st soldier from 1st team, next two from 2nd,
    then again soldier from 1st, 3rd from 2nd, and 3rd soldier from 1st team.

  3. lines of sight to enemy (this has low importance) - now are only red (shot possible) and white (shot not
    possible due to lack of AP?). Maybe create additional lines where we would see:
    a) yellow to enemies in sight but with small chance to hit,
    b) green parabolic lines to enemies in range of grenade/missile (or they can be red as lines for bullets, but help us decide if targeted spot is good for grenade attack),
    c) blue line to close enemy standing behind 1 or 2 obstacles, which are easily destructible (for example this line could show for heavy with machine gun) of course only when our other soldiers spotted that enemy

  4. make possible to walk on all objects - for example when you blow up roof of the garage in Fort Freiheit and crabman starts to falling down, It is not possible for him to fall at Armadillo standing there, but he is moved to the side of vehicle instead. I suppose that Jet Jump also would not allow us to land there. It would be nice if we (and mutants) actually could move in almost any place (let say 95% of objects). Maybe some mutants could be made to move on walls and cliffs too?


Nice ideas. Allow me to like to expand upon these;

  1. Turning soldier in place - this is handled very well by the recently released Battletech from HBS. Press left mouse button decides where to move to and upon depress of left mouse leaves you with cone of sight to decide the direction and the second press of left mouse confirms.

  2. Move order queue - again maybe I am influenced by Battletech here but it is well executed in that game. Equal initiative allows you to tab through soldiers to move who you want to in turn. This also brings another tactical element deciding whether to move 3 from squad A in your next 3 turns or however you wish to split it really.

  3. LOS marker - I like your ideas here. This seems like a common topic. Take it a step further and give us these options but allow us to choose the colors of each and the opacity. This way you can avoid issue with colorblindness and still give tactical feedback.

  4. I agree.

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  1. Definitely, yes! I hope it will be implemented at some point, together with cone of view.
  2. Yes, interesting. With more soldiers on the mission it could be very helpful feature.
  3. Interesting! Yellow lines could make things easier so we will know at glance where are best chances to hit (without necessity to switch between targets in third person mode to know that).
  4. It would be more difficult to implement, I guess. In turn-based games clear routes and moving points are more important than in other genre games.

Great suggestions, yes to all!