Movement destination indicator

Hi, one small tweak from me.

When we search for the spot where we can move our soldier, UI under mouse changes accordingly to the terrain, and there are 3 options:

  • “Square” when we can move there
  • “X” when there is an obstacle or blocked path
  • “Nothing”… when there is an enemy

Can you replace that last indicator (or actually lack of indicator) with

  • the first one for enemies which we can’t see
  • the second for enemies which we can see?

Because with this method we can spot and count enemies on the map even when we don’t see them.

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I’d rather squares with enemies act completely like open squares until you reveal the enemy there, including allowing it as a movement destination. We shouldn’t be able to cheese out enemy locations without actually seeing them there.

That is what I meant. Sorry, my english is not so well. :wink:

I gotcha. No worries, your command of English is better then 85% of my town, at the least, lol.