Soldiers should not be reequipped instantly between planes and bases

It’s just ridiculous… It would be nice to have local storages of planes and bases. Timer of delivery at least…

  • love this game, thx to devs

Yes, that is lacking and was part of my feedback after Backers Build 4 or 5.

Overall storages should have limit of weight, not the item count.

And resources should also take space and be transported between bases/havens inside of aircrafts.

But then you will hear that it is not necessary complication of game and making it more realistic won’t bring any value to the game.


Actually, this is one of the best design decisions in the game. It removes all the fiddly moving around of equipment. What the game needs is to also allow this with operatives so I don’t have to shuttle around from place to place. Let me go into a screen and assign all my operatives to whatever base I want them at.

You should have teleportation technology in research tree. I think that for you there should be only tactical part of the game, and strategic part should be removed.

Right now strategic part is shallow and boring as hell. For strategist, planner and analyst like me it should be changed to have more decisions, more management, more choices and plan to realize.


This topic was addressed countless times here on forum. Certainly I would like to see that implemented, but I have to admit that it would make this already hard game much much harder. To implement this they (devs) first have to fix balance and game economy which is now in pretty bad condition.

One of the problems here is also bad game design, where your ship/main team is so far from the base that it is impractical to go back to reequip or unload captured items.

Imo to implement this they should first:

  1. Implement some trade system with havens where you can buy guns/ammo and sell what you have on ship and you don’t need.

  2. Fix game economy so you can equip multiple teams with good armor/weapons.

  3. Make possible that you can exchange gear between two ships anywhere on the map.

  4. Make option to build small cargo ship just to transfer 1-2 troops or gear

But all that adds lot of micromanagement and some players don’t like that.

To add to my previous post. Lots of stuff teleports in the game now :

  • Tech/materials/food are teleported after trade
  • If you don’t have space in your ship, new soldier is teleported to the nearest base
  • Captured pandas are teleported to containment facility

Probably more but I can’t remember now.