Suggestion: movement

I’m guessing this is an obvious one but I’d like to see the percentage of action points displayed when hovering over a square instead of having to click it. Technician for example would highly benefit from this just to figure out where he can place his turret. It would also help in figuring out the range of other weapons/items without having to cycle through them and waste valuable time.

Maybe a tooltip that shows the range of all weapons/items would be even better as a QOL. Just show their icons when hovering over a square to indicate a player has enough action points available to use them.

If I properly understand you want something like that:

  1. You move mouse to some point on the map and game calculates path over to that place for selected soldier
  2. Game display under your cursor percentage of action points which would be used to move there
  3. Icons of your equipped items on the right change colour depending on that percentage so if you move too far away they will be greyed out
  4. And you want to see change on ability icons like this responsible for turret deployment


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Yeah the main issue for technician is that you have to click each tile to see if you can reach it with less than 50% action points in order to know how far you can move and still place a turret. It would be much easier if the game could display the percentage of action points when hovering over a tile.

This is also a very good idea as it limits screen clutter.
Maybe they can add items that can be used from the backpack like turrets to the right side of the screen aswell.

I would prefer to have everything in one place so you don’t have to look all over the screen to figure out your options but this could work aswell.

Action Bar below ability icons shows you what percentage of action points you will use. It is not always precise, but for most of the time it let you see if soldier will stay above that 50% threshold.

But some counter near cursor also would help. I would even say it would be better in some cases than flashing action points bar. :slight_smile:

Huh i never noticed that, i guess i should check out the UI a bit more before posting.