Things needed in this game

  1. Way to sack unwanted soldiers and scrap unwanted vehicles.
  2. Way to organize Personnel: sort the list by rank, class, location, name
  3. Way to open/close doors
  4. Way to locate base. Currently I have 4 bases, but I dont know where these are. I have to rotate the globe and check each donts to locate my base. Sure is very taxing!
  5. In Firaxis’ XCOM, we can move a soldier without having to wait for the previous soldier. This way, we dont have to spend time waiting. Watching toons running around is entertaining at first, but it becomes boring after a few missions.
  6. Ability to rename Aircraft, Base names (in case #4 is too hard to add), Vehicles.

agree with everything here!!
and random stats or random-ness with the recruits. how can you make a rng rpg without rng recruits haha

Agreed. Because micromanagement is such a large part of the game (which is a good thing) . They really need to give us the tools to micromanage. I’m certain they will given the time. I am one that would have them take their time and do it right than throw in a quick patch.

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yah a lot of ppl are calling this bb6 and i dont disagree, i also agree this game has a lotttt of potential but this is currently id say like 65% of where it could/should be before releasing.

backers complain a lot about release date pushbacks, but i rather wait for a game done right (the witcher/ 2077 games i really hold to high esteem as games well done/hopefully well done and worth the wait) and twiddle my thumbs and rant about their delays than play a game that bugs up a lot

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Agreed. Devs please add an option to dismiss unwanted soldiers.

#7. A way to locate soldier during tactical mission when there is only ONE soldier left.
Right now, the only way to locate is to pan the screen until I see the soldier.
I suggest to either auto-focus on the soldier when you double click on its portrait, or when click TAB key.

#8. Destroyed spiders should not show up on the soldier portrait…After dispatching 20+ spider drones, my soldier portrait is very crowded with destroyed drones… So effing annoying.

I agree with everything said here:

  • open/close door manually as same as in firaxcom game
  • better soldier and vehicle management would be very much appreciated
  • targeting to “active” soldier is a good feature, which I’m missing, too
  • all things/trees placed/growing around should be used as a cover; currently there are many things lying/growing around, but only few of them can be used as a cover. You have to always carefully check the “walking/cover mark” if there is a cover or not, because you cannot recognize visually, if a specific tile has a cover or not, ever if it visually looks like a place behind some bigger object.

Also: please stop spawning my soldiers in right next to the screaming sentinels. I love the randomness, but you need to keep it in check. Spawning us within perception range of a screamer so that we can’t take a single step without alerting it is just stupid.

OH! And on the character customization screen, when choosing a character voice, add the option to preview the voice rather. As it is now, clicking the voice to hear it also switches it to the next voice. Let me hear the damn voices before I click next.

These all seem like such simple things.

I understand why people are frustrated by this, but I kind of like how brutal the RNG can be. I’ve had to evacuate some missions due to this, and I think it ads another layer to think about, some missions might be too hard to complete without a specific team or at all.

I don’t mind the varying levels of difficulty that get thrown at you during missions, making some of them feel overwhelming. What I’m talking about is, for instance, heading into a lair, and having the game drop your troops in perception distance of a Terror Sentinel. So close that literally one step in any direction sets off the scream, and alerts the acid Chiron that’s right behind it.

That type of rng doesn’t even allow you a chance to act. Right out of the gate you’ve got more than you can handle. So in this case your two choices are: evacuate and just let the lair be, or hit restart over and over and over and TRY to somehow disable the sentinel’s heads AND kill the Chiron without getting acid bombed to death (spoiler: unless you have the lvl 7 heavy ability to unload your entire clip, you can’t do it)

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#9. I found the 9th Base and the UI only fits 8… What an oversight! Well fix the UI to include 9 bases.

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Yep. I’ve said it may times, this kind of randomness, along with a really long slow build up, is why Ironman mode is not really feasible. It’s possibly also the reason it didn’t make it into the release. I’m highly skeptical that it was due to a save game error.

Many games (and that includes Indie devs) implement this just fine and I find it hard to believe they had it in the game and only just discovered a new bug at the last second, after all the testing and delays.

Just a guess.

Agree and zero comment on points 1, 2, 4. 7, 9.

Agree with point 6 but would add soldier name, or how change soldier names? I failed find, on Mac version.

I disagree on point 3, close doors is calling cheesy tactics and gameplay heavy slowdown.

I disagree on point 5, knowing there are interception, and move interrupts, I don’t want it, it would be too confusing for me. But if this was added I could easily ignore it, so I can’t say I disagree. :slight_smile:

For point 8, never quoted, but it makes sense I should agree.

#10. Add an option to disable auto break of pause, I don’t even understand how players can play the game with those auto break pauses.

#11. Allow custom zoom level in geoscape, perhaps it’s Mac bug but try change it only allow max zoom out or max zoom in.

#12. Stop make production icons disappear, particularly for recruits, when on geoscape. Reload constantly the game to fix the bug is exhausting.

#13. Design a better control to change width of overwatch area, it’s good enough for length even if a bit complex for height management, but boring for width.

#14. In case of double shot stop reset an aimed shot to normal shot.