Some needed quality of life things

  1. I built a bunch of aircraft and vehicles but don’t need them all, would be nice to get rid of them since tabbing through them all to find the ones with my guys in them can be annoying.

  2. Evacuate All button needed, this had to modded into Xcom and Xcom 2 which was which was a time saver, not sure why this wasn’t added in this.

  3. Tabbing to another character to do something else instead of having to watch the full animation of a character. Example: Killed all the enemies and now just trying to run my guys back to the evac point, this wastes a ton of time having to wait for everyone’s running animation and unable to just tab to the next while one is running and give them a commend to run as well. It gets boring having to wait and watch the dude run… every single time… before I can do anything else.

  4. Would be nice if there was a descriptor for the “class” tabs on the inventory screen, took a while to figure out what was what and inventory is a bit of a slog, maybe there can be better ways to sort/filter or clean it up a bit, a lot of the items look similar. Maybe a way to organize by guns, turrets, arm slot (for techs), ammo, grenades, healing/extras.

  5. Would be nice to have an overlay of gun range?

  6. Does everyone need to be recruited from factions or can I create my own guys/gals? Maybe I’m missing something in that regard?

A couple of balance issues here.
1 - Sirens need their MC range dropped by two tiles.
2 - The Pandorians with grenade launchers should not be able to fire 3 times in one turn. What’s that all about?

Here’s some more :

  • Extended description of skills on the Training tab (AP cost, damage, range…)

  • A button or shortcut to go from base to base on the geosphere. (like with the aircrafts)

  • Soldier preview when recruiting in a haven.