Some overly repetitive things and other suggestions


I’m enjoying the game and put around 55 hours into it so far. So I thought sharing the issues that hinder my progress could help in the long run:

  • Make unit movement parallel. This would help speed up things a bit like in the geoscape view where you could control multiple units at the same time. This could also be used for enemies. They move together in parallel and only show the important actions, like firing, fleeing etc. as a single thread action.

  • Show a warning for paralyzed units when targeting them, just like with friendly fire, so unintended shooting of paralyzed units would not occur. Also leave them out of tab based enemy selection.

  • Big button to reload everyone’s weapons before fight.

  • Escape should interrupt current action (walk) to give an option to reconsider. Just as the game interrupts the movement when the given unit sees an enemy.

All in all it is a true successor to the original XCOM games! Althought there is one last thing: I miss the wheat fields, incendiary rockets and the panicked sectoids with a flame skirt around them.


What? It’s already possible in geoscape.

For combats, interruptions will make it weird I think, and the point is the more you play the game the less you play fully a soldier, then next soldier, and so on. It’s more sophisticated than that.

I think the problem is the effect isn’t shown with aiming, or at least not always. Lol I also did the error quite often, but my fault too, I agree there’s something to improve but I don’t agree on a message as the solution.

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Very concise thoughts you have :smiley:.

Waiting definitely has its values, it helps build the atmosphere for the game and also you can read a book too, which is what I did. Although my time is precious and don’t like it to be wasted.

You can separate actions into different categories. Some can be chained together, like goo spitters can move/shoot together, some need to be separate if one action depends on another, so there is room for improvement here too.

Doesn’t matter what is the solution for paralyze is, the only thing matters is to give some kind of warning to help the user’s hand to avoid doing a thing you wouldn’t do otherwise. The devs would know what to do, they created a whole game, this is just a nuisance that needs to be addressed.