Recruiting new soldiers and scanning

I was going to write a big feedback post, but to be honest, everyone is doing that, and i find that i ussually agree with most.

But Recruiting soldiers is really annoying in the current build. Not only do we have to travel and have a spot in our airship to be able to recruit them, we also have to check haven by haven what they got to see if we are interested.

Seriously change this to an easier way, please, just give us the option to recruit directly into our haven or the diplomacy window once we got to 25 diplomacy.

And about scanning, really once we discover all the factions and we get to know where their havens, you cannot expect us to screenshot wherever we scanned. There should be some certain fog of war, or toggle to see what we have scanned.


I’m not that shocked about it since the recruit needs a transportation means to get to your base (no more international flights scheduled). What annoys me the most is the price of recruits when compared to other stuff.

But now that you say that however, it would be nice to have a panel displaying all the recruits available (with their prices, equipment, etc…) and be able to point on the map where the haven is located.

Same for trading, not all havens offer the same rates, so having a panel showing all trade oportunities would be great. And since you don’t need to move there to trade, let’s all do it from the panel.

I also pointed that in an other thread, 100% agree with you. :+1:


True but there are a lot of little planes on the geoscape. I think ordering soldier that would take certain time to arrive (similar to XCOM) depending on his initial location would be better. There is no fun in playing costly air-taxi. It would be another thing if there was a cost incurred (like fuel) but this is just wasting time watching a plane move over hologlobe and back. Besides, for the price I’m paying, I want to get my soldiers home-delivered with Triton sashimi as a bonus.