Things i have noticed

on the tactical map the spawn points should be neutralised or vanish when you have a squad member within a range of it. i.e. one turn of movement etc.

the face huger mutant will turn anyone into a enemy unit no matter there damage or health etc. very annoying when the first spawn is off a building top beside you to pop your troops. Most games have this form of attack only working when your below a % of health. like the brood queen taking over a terran command post in star craft.

after a mission and you return to base if you deployed a turret on a map its gone from inventory.

also you should be able to pick up the turret after its deployed and as well reload its ammo.
alos a turret should have way more ammo and weight a hell of a lot more.

squad mates should also carry more then one spare clip of ammo. look at a standard infantry soldier in today’s armies what is it close to 12 clips for the rifle and 4 clips for a side arm?

also every flight mission to a target should have a return to base not continue to a new spot.
its not a dungeon crawl that slowly uses up fuel its a mission issued by command to go to x and report back etc. think a bit more or the strategic level.

hope that helps for now

Nope, why it should be like that? Your soldier with his presence nullifies existence of an enemy that is about to go this way? It is indicator that there are enemies. If you don’t want enemy poping near you just stay away from that spawning point or if you can’t stay away use overwatch.

Nope. This is not a StarCraft. How does it matter how many HP soldier has? Something grabs him and infects instantly. Marines in Aliens movies had some advantage of being less tires or hurt when facing face huggers?

Why the turret should weight more? This is not an anti-tank cannon, but drone rifle. It has weight of Machine Gun - it is enough.

So equip them like that!

Nothing stops you from flying like you wish. But if squad needs to be sent in fast manner elsewhere without returning to base then game allows that. And what if the mission is to find resources in couple of places? Mind blown? :wink:

I was trying to find a way to pick up the turret, I thought no way this has cemented itself to the ground. I mean, you should be able to reclaim and reposition the turret.

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It will be like that. It is not implemented yet.

I’d best shut up shouldn’t I? :grin:

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No, good that you mention it. This feature was requested in BB2 and as we can see is really expected. Especially now when turret don’t go back to base with us.

I think he has a point about the turret being re-usable its a bit of a pet gripe of mine too.