Enemy Spotted Mechanic or: Give me back my Time Units!

This has been a problem since the beginning. You think hard about your positioning. You want to execute it. Computer says “NAH screw you, I’m gonna abort your move and steal your time units and leave you sitting ducks cuz see that? There is an enemy on the other side of the map!” YEAH sherlok I know that there are enemies on this map, THAT IS WHY I’M HERE. To really rub this in our face, even allies can break our move!

Excuse my anger, that’s just the resulting frustration.

This can be an actual blocker for a game like this. I cannot implement my tactic because that Enemy Spotted Mechanic factually breaks the tactical aspect of the game. It would be great if you could give us a button or a modifier that says “force move” or some such.

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But in real life spotting takes time too =)
And even if the spotted unit is allied you have to double check it to be sure.

This is a bug that has been addressed in the past, but still has an occasional bite. Report via F10 so they can iron out the remaining wrinkles.

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Real life “arguments” are silly, useless and invalid.

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Why do you think so?

Do you really want me to state the obvious? It is a science fiction computer game.

Besides, there is no need for silly arguments. It has been adressed according to @mcarver2000 and I did notice less occurences of the bug.

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I am asking you because your “obvious” statement sounds very strange to me.
Computer games usually simulate reality (be it science fiction or not) so they do introduce some real laws of real world.

Just let it be. You cannot win this since it is obviously not an intended feature and I really do not wish to elaborate on it any further.

Just one thing: We are talking about soldiers here. If you really go with the silly realism argument, I must be able to command my soldier to move to a certain position no matter what he sees. They are trained to deal with strange things and thats exactly why it is vital to execute a given order.

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Because you can warcry shit out of enemies, run around with disabled head full of bullets, grow new limbs between missions and inspiring life coach talk actually works and you can do miracles. :stuck_out_tongue: So, yeah, I would stay away as much as it is possible from argumenting how real-life things work… :crazy_face: