Feedback (another one)

Hey, after my first 15h of Gameplay, here some Feedback things I have at hand:

First of all, please Fix the “Manual Aim”, on several situations I have quick-aim active (25% more Accuracy) and inner/outer circle are perfect on an enemy… and the shot goes wild. On the Heavy weapon this happens around 90% of the time. My Sniper/Heavy missed two closerange shots (more than 10 tiles… but for a MASTER Marksman I would call this closerange…) and he missed both… how? Even with “yeah… thats RNG” it cannot be explained, as the same enemy was afterwards missed by 4 sniperrifle shots. One of the Shieldboys… so 3 of my lvl7 Master Marksman Sniper could not land a SINGLE hit, while all circles was on point.

Returnfire is simply absurd broken. I guess there are more than enough reports on this.

Lairs - please fix them. Played two, won one… because my 3 Snipers could find ONE spot (took me 15 rounds to find it) from which I could hit the Spawner thing. You ask why I not moved in? There was no way. Enemys and I was in a nice standoff across half the map because there was no path.

Nests - please fix them. I played one and it was a “win” but… really. I spawned on one of the Sentinels (or right next to it) and ran around half an hour to find the second one. Last hit on it was a Bash as my complete 6man Squad was out of Ammo because of the endless respawn (sometimes right inside my squad as I had to move over the spawn things)

Randomness. PLEASE FIX THIS. I understand that the randomly generated world is “nice” but… on my current playthough I “sided” with Anu and the Greenguys which name I never could remember… and both their 24% quests are… on the other freakin side of the earth. Even with two Transporters I needed 15hours Gametime and still are a continet away from the quests while back “home” the havens start falling because I cannot afford a third squad to defend them… utter bullshit. Make the quests spawn in a reasonable distance to your current sectors.

Enemy development compared to the own… based on my point directly above I reach the limits of what I can do. Enemy Armor got recently buffed, now a Sniper can no longer kill even the smalles (non Facehugger or Worm) unit with 2 perfect hits anymore, they need at last 3 hits now. While I have no chance of imporving my Weapons. I use the Gaus Sniper and the Laser Sniper (110 and 120 dmg) and Heavy Cannon things. Get this somewhat “straight” and give the player a chance to get better Weapons! Not just a Sniper which has “10 more dmg but 20 less range” but a REAL upgrade at some point. My initial Squad had ONE weaponchange so far, my starting Sniper moved to an Gaus Sniper caus its nice with “Mark for DeathxQuick Aim”.

Fix the damn longrang Mortar Crabs. Last mission they had two Goo things which on their first turn goo’ed 5 of 6 people… than two Sirenes joined the party and Game Over. Sure there is Research against it… but you first need to Caputre one of them ALIVE… hell I’m happy if I can kill them without losing a Squaddy!

Geo-Scanning. In my Starting Area there is… nothing more to do. Explored all things, but if I leave the havens get overrun. (described above) so either I start losing Havens or I cannot move out of the region - really unrewarding design, as I cannot develope a new Squad due to a lack of missions (only due to Training Buildings) without leaving the region… but I cannot leave the region without losing my Allies… which I need to recruite and trade… as the next region seems to be only the Blueguys… why hates me.

Stealing Aircrafts - HELL this is nice! The idea is just great, feels like a real good and fresh idea.

Recruits with their own Armor - this is nice. I found a guy with Leatherjackets and no Helmet. A Beserker with a Sword an Jeans (looks like some Horror Movie Guy!) and the normal Haven Recruits has their Factions Armor and Weapon, through which you can “easy” research their stuff if its nice for you.

Manual Aim - besides from the missing thing, I really enjoy the idea behind it. Works far better than simple “target zones” as you can aim through walls or even at enemy’s you should not see. If it would be working as intended (missing, cover etc.) it would be one of the best features!

I dont know, feels like thats all what I had in my mind so far. Overall I’m still not happy with my purchase (as I picked the Ultimate Edition… and besides the Artbook which is fine and the wallpapers nothing of the contend is out… not even the “living gun and armor” stuff…) due to the big downers like not working Lairs (and overall the Lair and Nest design which I find utterly awful and the worst part of the Game so far).

I really hope that with some more Development Time and Patches the Gameplay reachs a level where I can put in thousand+ hours in the Game (like the F-XCom stuff) without getting bored or annoyed by the mechanics.


Would like your post, but I used up all my likes. I think I agree with everything you said, posted thread going indepth on several of these issues.

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It seems difficulty wasn´t tested at all extensively. I can´t say that anything is too easy since I have only played on “easy” mode, I can however testify to the fact that sirens and mortar chirons at the same time is not meant for easy mode.

Legendary in Xcom 2 is easier than some of the missions presented on easy in Phoenix Point.

It´s like … Siren spots your team as it moves first from halfway across the map, nukes start raining. EVAC EVAC!!!

I play on the third difficulty mode (Hard? Very Hard?) and until now I faced nothing more than the Goo-Mortar… and Sirens were rather “easy” as two Sniperhits removed the head and they no longer mindcontrol… but now they take three shots… sometimes four… and they will most likely get even stronger - while my Maxlvl Sniper with the “best” weapon (as they started with it… ) will not get any stronger… this feels just wrong at this point.

Sorry for the doublepost but:

Just had this 3 times in a row now… my Sniper/Heavy hybrid hits an enemy… doing 0 dmg, because the RIFLE catched my Hel Cannon Bullet… the freaking thing breaks MASSIV WALLS but cannot pierce a simple Shotgun? Maybe I should Armor my Squad in Shotgun Husks?

Sorry but this is a big No-No! :slight_smile: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:


The guns in this game must weigh in excess of 20 pounds. They are massive, sometimes bigger than enemy torsos. The way they’re waved about, though, they must be made of light-weight materials. If so, they should shatter like glass or plastic, when shot. I say reduce the HP of guns.

To stop people sniping each other’s guns, they should reduce the accuracy across the board, as I recommended here:

In UFO Defence, and Xenonauts, your ship comes with you and is in the map. They don’t have that here, for some reason. But it meant you could store extra weapons in the ship, and go back to get grenades or such if you needed them. So any theoretical weapon breakage could also be replaced.