Base Defense is Crap

Base defense are a mandatory feature in games like these, I think. That being said, let me say how awful I think you implemented this feature.

First of all there are no automated defenses as far as I can see which would have been great.

Second, you cannot arrange your own soldiers prior to the battle. Intel gives you 24 hours to prepare for the attack so it’s not like it comes as a surprise. Most of the time, I have to waste 2 rounds or more just to get close to the battle given most of my soldiers spawn in the other end of the base. Very frustrating.

So yeah, automated defenses and soldier placement before battles.


Fully agree. Your troops start scattered, whereas the fight itself takes always place in the same rooms. At least they could let us choose the starting positions.

I know that there’s no mechanic to choose starting positions, but man… I do agree on this one, it sucks as it is. I have a suggestion: if the base has an access lift, the aliens come through there, and your guys start in the next room. If not, enemies should come from everywhere, and your guys should be scattered too.

That would give a better reason to construct and repair access lifts, although I don’t know what to do with the exit point that access lifts provide today. Also, the aliens wouldn’t always come in the same room with a bottleneck that’s super fun on the first time but not so much afterwards. It takes away a big chunk of the mission challenge.

In the backer builds there was a security room at some time. I was super excited about that but there weren’t base defense missions at the time, from what I remember. I still hope they come back in some form… I guess it could also be an upgrade to the access lift, which would include maybe a turret in each corner and they would both soften attacking pandorans as well as keeping them there so you could also focus fire from afar while they were not destroyed. They then could be upgraded for more resources, like the current turrets, and be available after you have each of the current tech for turrets.