Combat strategy feedback


i got a real quick strategy in one of the nest invasion maps, the one with the tower in the middle:
Once you start get the heavy trooper to the border ( center direction), next turn go with the jetpack on top of the tower within the blu light objective and get +5 will points. Next turn go jetpack again to the upper right corner to detect the hive. Last turn get some squares closer to the hive and go burst, hive destroyed. I did this strategy 5 times and it was always the same, heavy goes for the blast and the others just defence and kill some welcome crabs. 4 turns and win.

In other games i noticed that the assault troops are really, i mean really strong with that bonus movement perc. I mean, use them to get closer to the enemy, if you kill a crab you get +2 will, mechanic perc gives al troops an other +5 will. Use heavy trooper to jump to a blu light objective and get an other +5 will. With 3 assault troops you get a hell of moves. ( if you equip shotguns )

As to killing the hive in 4 turns, that mechanic will be changing when the game actually launches. When they implement their fog of war, limit your perception, that won’t be an option anymore. The generator will spawn far enough away that you can’t see it from the tower.

I used the tower to scout and provide ranged support. The more disappointing thing for me, was getting the same map more than once. I know we are still a long way from finished; but I had expected more variety in the alien bases. Two of my first three were the same. It allowed me to make new strategy based on the last time through. :shrug:

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That is the problem with the same map, also with fog, if the map is the same you know where what is although you could not see the tower yet for the jetpack I guess. I hope they will make more different hive maps perhaps above and/under water. Caves and stuff like that

I was under the impression that the bases would be randomly generated as well. Am I mistaken? As I said above, maybe it’s just not implemented yet. To be fair, I’ve only attacked three alien bases so far, maybe I’m not deep enough in the game to see it.

I made like ten runs so far and i saw only two types of maps, the hyve spawns at the same location, on one map high left and the other high right. I guess this is just basics for the backer like you said.