These save files breaking patches are getting ridiculous, guys

Did all Phoenix Point’s patches corrupted the old save files? It’s just a strange issue that always arises, and reinforces the idea that the game has been in a beta state, and will be so until the Steam release.

Is there any developer’s words stating that this won’t happen again?


In my opinion going forward they should develop a converting tool if this ever happens again. It’s too tiresome for players to lose months of progress all the time.

Well, lesson learned, I’m back to waiting until all DLC are released to play again. Won’t even try the steam edition.

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I gave up playing the game in this state.
And i regret buying it.
While i believe it´ll someday be a game worth playing, i feel cheated because i didn´t entered the crowdfunding. I pre-ordered.
I should had received a stable game last year, not paying full price to enter a “closed beta”.
If i knew it´d be like this, i´d waited for a 50% off GOTY release on steam.
Because i don´t believe we´ll get even a X-COM: UFO Defense with 2019 graphics before that…


But it’s still a fantastic game. I suppose that’s the issue with small independent developers - great creativity, but without the manpower to smoothly release the game. I expect that we’ll all get over it.

Oh sh… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I hope Iìll remember that!

I don’t regret buying it, because I had a lot of fun with the backer builds (yeah, more fun with the alpha releases than with the final game), but that brings me to the sad, sad conclusion that I wouldn’t recommend this game to a friend. While the potential is still there, and maybe the proper Steam release and future DLCs will put in on the right track, it never lived to what it could be.

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Not many have broken the geoscape save. The only one I can actually recall is the one where the world was redone, so no way around that!

The tactical save has broken a few times, but that is easy enough to get around.

Patches that break saves have been few if anything. Most of the updates that break the saves are from the DLC and you pretty much get a month’s heads up about it.

But with any game if there are big changes to mechanics or how major parts of the game work your saves are usually broken once you update. This isn’t new to PP.

Be grateful that this game has been getting as much attention from its devs in addressing issues or updating mechanics based on our feedback as it has. Some games go months without fixes.

Did we get the game we expected when it was first announced? No we didn’t. Does it still feel more like a beta? Maybe. But I don’t regret backing the game and look forward to seeing whats next down the line.

All in all having to start a new game every update is a small nuisance compared to dealing with bugs that might go on for months before getting looked into if ever


Note on Steam the devs could make a beta branch for major releases so players could stay in a particular branch if needed. Which mitigates the issues of patches invalidating saves.

EGS “sorta” has this capability but it’s more like showing a different game for a specific build, which probably won’t work unless they keep it as a n-1 build

Alternatively you could set EGS to not auto update. Though I don’t know how effective that is

I think a save break for the Steam launch makes sense given what they’re trying to do


But… wouldn’t it be easy to detect if the save game is in the old format or the new format, and if it’s in the old format, run a save file conversion script to change the format from the old to the new?
I mean, all the data is there, right? It’s just in a different format…

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I think the have bigger fish to fry to meet their deadline. To be fair, I only recall one previous update where old saves were broken.

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I’d consider this a really big fish to fry. Playing your campaign from beginning to end is a pretty big part of the game.

But I agree with some of the previous writers: While it is really, really, really annoying (lost my save game because there was no notification anywhere where I would’ve seen it), it’s nothing that happens all the time.
Still: This kind of save game breaking update is nothing I like in a released game… Getting new updates is great, but so is the inconvenience this brings…

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for me this game feels like an early access even with all the content they added, let’s hope it gets to a better shape and polished game

This reflects exactly my feeling and although PP is a game full of innovative qualities it does not justify the repeated contempt with which the developers treat us. If my old saves don’t become playable again quickly I would make a point of warning future steam customers how they are going to be treated. Seriously, was it that hard to convert old backups to the new format?

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Unlikely to be *both that this situation will repeat (so warning makes no sense), and that they will release converter.

but if that is your need, look to other similar threads, some people preserved 1.8 files.

Note that PP has only one other time broke save game compatibility so this isnt like a frequent occurrence nor are they doing it willy nily

The benefits obviously outweigh the cons. And for a big Steam launch it makes sense to do it now rather than later.

Really the issues are more that neither GamePass nor Epic have the capacity to provide previous versions of a game to players in a realy good way. On Steam this isnt a problem as dev can provide literally dozens of versions (like CK2 and EU4 have like 3 dozen previous versions available to players)


This is the THIRD time that my backups have been corrupted as a result of a patch and as I am an intellectually honest person I have to say that my previous corrupted backups luckily ended up being restored after a few days. If this should not be the case this time I feel entitled to find it unacceptable and to say it if possible without receiving lessons from fanboys (with a mind as sharp as the haters) ready to accept these methods without complaint. So if I understand correctly my solution is to buy the game again on steam and shut my mouth, seriously?

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No, even that cant restore it. Solution is to check similar threads and PM guys that found out guys that have read the warnings and backed up old 1.8 version of game. Once you finish current campaigns update to 1.9.1 and start fresh

This would be best, but I dont see that even considered. seems warning was better if put in game then online.