Important Save Game Update for Current Phoenix Point Players

As we continue to prepare our next content release for Phoenix Point, we’re making a key change to our saved game structure that will impact those choosing to update this December.

Currently, we have two saved game files, one for the Geoscape and one for Tactical missions, which causes some development challenges for the team. On December 3rd, we will be releasing a new content update that will merge those saved games into one file, effectively invalidating any previous save games . Those purchasing Year One Edition or starting a new game post-patch will not be affected.

If you have a campaign you’re currently playing, and you don’t want to lose it, please don’t update until you finish that campaign. We wanted to communicate this to all our existing players in advance of that December 3rd release, so players can complete their campaign or wait to update their game when ready.

Thanks for being a fan of Phoenix Point, and excited to share more about what’s coming with Year One Edition shortly.


Thanks for the heads-up : auto up-date would have doomed my campaign (again).

for me it started early:

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