Alien concept suggestions

I think centipedes, wasps and spiders would serve as solid bases to work with as surface enemies and there are quite a few horrifying sea creatures to draw inspiration from as well. One enemy concept I’ve seen resembles a centipede somewhat, so I think this direction would suit your design plans. Here are a few creatures worth considering for inspiration :wink:

Giant Desert Centipede (Stinging a human!!!)

Tarantula Hawk (stinging a human)

Vicious animal bites (including Crab!)

CREEPY desert creatures

Lionfish (stinging a human)

Executioner Wasp (stinging a human)

TERRIFYING sea creatures:

I’d LOVE to see some of these creatures in the game :slight_smile: What about you?


We already have the Siren who has a centipede like body as one of her mutations.

People often mistake the Crab Queen for a Spider (even though she only has 6 legs).

There’s a similarity between at least one other creature which you’ve mentioned which we haven’t shown yet.

There’s lots of stuff still to come, both at launch and after :wink:

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More the better!

Probably one of the most exciting things about the game, I think, are the mutations. I am looking forwards to seeing what they have come up with. As you have shown, there are so many animals that would be scary to face as a humanoid mutation. I hope there is a real variety of attacks from them too.

When you have seen every enemy in a game and worked out their weakness, it removes some of the games excitement. I think the mutations will give PP a much longer shelf life than other games.

Yes, the Siren looks a bit like a centipede, which is a great start to creating scary aliens (I’ve only seen 2 of them so far). As for sea-based enemies, the last video I’ve linked to above is an excellent resource, I suggest the developers take a look at it. The trailer with the huge kraken-like giant crab gave me the impression that the enemies and the atmosphere of the game will be quite scary and I believe the videos I’ve linked to will provide great sources of inspiration towards that goal.

We have huge internal resources for inspiration and have no shortage of ideas for creatures. The issue is development time :smiley:

The longer we wait, the more/better mutations we will have… but will have to wait longer to see them… but they will be better… but more of a wait… but…

Dam, so conflicted right now! :smiley:

Take your time guys. Get it right! :+1:

Even just thinking about the smallest local ocean only animals I wouldn’t want to mess with and awesome mutation possibilities…

The tiny blue ringed octopus…
Cone snails poison harpoon…
Yellow-bellied Sea Snake…

Any of the above, scaled up from its small natural state into a human or bigger mutation…

Hey rookie squad, we have herd there is a new alien type attacking a friendly base near by

And they are the small ones, the ones that are already big and scary on top! So many great possibilities!

If they’re are damned centipedes, I will make it my life’s goal to mod them into something else before I touch the thing. I don’t know why, but I have a severe phobia of centipedes.

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Me too. Centipedes scare me as much as spiders do, and that’s saying a lot!

Sorry to hear it. That’s what makes it odd for me, though. I regularly catch our house spiders and put them outside, crickets, stink bugs, etc. It’s only the centipede/milipede family that bothers me, and it’s just short of paralyzing. Ugh.

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