Loving Phoenix Point

Just wanted to say that, from the lore to the game mechanics, I’m loving everything Phoenix Point. The background lore in particular resonated with me for various reasons (really loved “The Hatch”). It also really felt good finishing Fort Freiheit and not losing anyone - had to pull out all the stops and use the various range of gameplay mechanics to their fullest.
That said, I know a forum post should provoke thoughtful conversation, and just talking about how much I love the game probably won’t do that… So my question is, since a core component of the game is the Pandoravirus enemies mutating to counter your playstyle, what options will be available to counter their counter? The shield-crabguys in particular brought this question to my mind, as there’s a few ways to counter them in the FF mission- you can snipe an exposed part of their body, flank them, or just blow through the shield with a heavy weapon. Will that be indicative of how that will be handled in the full game, or are there some other cool options (that you can talk about) that might be employed?
Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work Snapshot!


There will be different weapons, equipment and class skills which can be very effective against different enemy types and defenses. We haven’t revealed them all yet.

Well in that case, I can’t wait to see what those options are - and if you’re, uh, ever short on people to test some of these mechanics out, let me know :wink:
In all seriousness though, thank you for the quick response. I know a lot of the fun (and/or frustration for some people) is finding out how to defeat that new enemy with the tools at your disposal. I’d imagine this goes doubly so for the eldritch horrors that are to be featured in PP.

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I have just bought the luxury pack and have had my first taste of PP. It does feel to be in the same spirit as ‘UFO enemy unknown’ which is one of my favourite games along with Laser squad. I lost my job because of ‘Laser squad’, to many sick days. :slight_smile:

My two favourite actions in UFO eu, was blowing up barns and searching out that last alien who was hiding in a wardrobe somewhere.

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While closet fishing in og Xcom wasn’t too terrible, tftd really took it to a whole new level with the cruise ships. Blowing up barns is great fun, but closets can stay in the past for me. :slight_smile:

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