New enemy (Spoiler?!)

Seen mentioned that new large enemy can turn dead worms into Tritons with Sniper-rifles …
Is this true???

In short, no.

There is a new enemy that has, among others, the ability to “resurrect” dead humanoids. More than resurrecting though, it’s really spawning Arthrons or Tritons of any type or tier in the place of a dead humanoid. So no, it doesn’t turn dead worms into Triton snipers, but in can turn a dead civilian in Haven defense into one.

Ah, and the player gets access to this skill eventually as well… :wink:

Thanx. Exagerated then, but this does still seem somewhat silly to me.
I mean, if someone or something got killed with no weapon in their posession or say a Shotgun, how on earth do you reanimate them with a Machinegun …
Very “gamey”/artificial.

I might pass this one out.

How does it feel in game and any “Winds of change” or is it set?

Well, it does change completely some scenarios, making them really challenging, like scavenging missions: because you clear the map, and suddenly this thing appears and starts mass spawning new enemies. And there can be several of them too.

Not very realistic, no. But, honestly, when it comes to PP that ship has sailed a long time ago… So… no, I don’t see any changes ever being made solely to make the game more realistic.

Seems to me the game at official Release was way too “Magic the Gathering”, then they dialed it back some - but Devs really seem to not care for that feel at all when it comes to it. Does ruin it for me.