The problem with the inventory during new resource gathering missions

New resource gathering missions are useless if the soldiers don’t have enough free space in inventory. Soldiers who are interesting to play with usually have little space in the inventory. As a result, the new resource gathering mission is useless for soldiers who are fun to play with.

Isn’t it time to remove ammunition for conventional weapons from the game? This will free up space in the inventory and remove uninteresting resource management. During missions, recharging can take time, as in the new X-Com. There is nothing wrong with using good solutions from other developers.


Take an APC as it has storage space (ground in inventory). One can use it to offload units’ inventory. Generally, there’s no need to have fully equipped units on these missions.

I believe that Phoenix Point is a game about tactics and strategy, not about unloading and unloading equipment.
Personally, I do not enjoy constantly producing and shifting items that you can do without.

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I actually do enjoy that, to a certain extent. But I fully understand why others don’t.

There’s no system that will make everyone happy. But I could see that it could be possible to provide Gameplay options so people can tweak aspects to suit their tastes:

  1. Auto-transfer of soldiers on/off;
  2. Shared global equipment inventory on/off;
  3. Soldiers can only equipment weapons at bases on/off;
  4. Multi-class soldiers on/off;
  5. Only one Level 7 skill on/off;

What would work well is if once you opened the box ALL the items automatically transferred to the drop ship! So no space used on your man and everything was collectable. It is already very hard to generate income so restricting it more is just a frustration…


I often raid haven for resources, i dont change equipment of soldiers pre mission, instead i transfer items another to characters inside the mission. Its pretty fine and you dont have to switch mission layout at all.

I am pretty confident that you are not expected to take everything. Didn’t play enough after recent patches to have a formed personal opinion on the subject.

No. And there will be no such time. Ammunition is internal part of the game, is the resource you need to take care of, and is used to balance weapons.

This is not a good solution. And thank God that Phoenix Point is not like FiraXCOM in almost all aspects.

That is the strategy:

You choose if

  • you want to collect more resources or
  • you want more flexible and capable soldiers

Be thankful to developers that you don’t need to go back to base to free up space in inventory to do these missions and you can teleport items over whole Earth. :stuck_out_tongue: What I would definitely implement to some extend.


My first idea was to automatically return to the nearest base. But after thinking a little, I realized that I needed a choice option.

  • (online) auto return - 100% of resources for crediting
  • (offline) refusal of immediate unloading - 75% of resources (25% commission /cost for Caravans or stops at Hevans)
    within 3 days (25% + 25% + 25%)

(And I think the current design of the “ScavS mission” is unfinished)

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I think that there is a nice trade-off on these resource gathering missions. You can’t carry back everything, so you will need to do some analysis of what you need. Simple ammo you can make on your own isn’t worth carrying, but resources are always useful. And remember you can dump what you are carrying to make more room in the inventory. You can make more ammo instantly and grenades and medikits aren’t hard to replace.

I see a contradiction. Weapons and ammunition dropped on missions are automatically collected. You don’t have to pick them up separately. Then you should also automatically collect the contents of crates as soon as you open them.

I’m not sure if drops are always collected. It may be the case where you don’t evacuate. On scavenge mission you need to evacuate so you can’t collect everything.

That is correct, but only on missions that don’t require Evac/don’t have enemy reinforcements. So, for example, you don’t have to collect items on a Haven defense, but you do in ambushes, scavenging ops and lairs.

I dont get the complaint? If your soldiers can pack anything on scavenger missions pack less items on them or raise their strength? Or both?

If you want to make them ‘fun’ as you say theyre probably packed with gear which is fine; but then dont complain that you cant carry anything with you. Thats kinda the point behind limited inventory space…

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I don’t see strength as a problem, I guess the OP is referring to inventory size. This is why I like the “tetris” inventory system more than the “one item one square” system. PP at least has weight to slow you down, which is good.

I’m not suggesting that we should change the inventory system. The only problem I see is that you CAN overcome the problem by taking soldiers with less stuff into the mission, however re-equipping every soldier afterwards is painful, unfun, and you can forget to do it. Thus I never change equipment and just forgo some ammunition if needed (usually I’ve been so lucky that my soldiers had space for exactly the amount of items in the last 3 scavenging sites!).

One possible solution would be to balance items in these missions, lowering the amount of ammo and including armor parts which I’m never seeing. There are some items that always seem to drop though, like the MG (probably there’s some code to drop a cheap but heavy thing in there) and spider pistol. This way you would need less inventory space and need to choose based on weight, and completionists could get everything even though it’ll be a pain to evacuate.

Gollop has always wanted to go back to that as a design since the original XCOM. I find it interesting, especially early game, as it occasionally forces you to take unusual loadouts based on what you can produce/find.

For example, if you only have one Tech and haven’t researched a PDW they have a limited lifespan on the gun and clip they come with then you have to improvise. If you find PDW clips on a supply mission, you may prioritize them over a medkit. You may hoard the ammo for use on a mission where you think it will matter, that sort of thing.

Even when you can build ammo you may be resource constrained and have to chose between shelving the Pythagoras for a bit and going back to a basic sniper rifle because you need the resources for something more urgent.

There is also the choice of cannibalizing a weapon to learn how to make it and build ammo for it. That can be a hard choice, especially when you only have a couple of them.

It’s really the dynamic of being able to get weapons before you can service them via recruitment and corpse looting that makes it interesting.

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Do people really take that much gear with them on missions? :confused: I rarely have all 3 ready slots in use and generally only have a spare clip with me. Medics I sometimes give 1-2 medkits and randomly I might have a grenade or 2 thrown about my squad. Thats it.

Generally each soldier can pick up about 4-6 items. Sometimes they slightly go over encumbered but it rarely is an issue. While granted, generally all the inventories are full after the mission but thats more because I pick up EVERYTHING rather then actually choose. If I werent so much of a hoarder it would be even less of a problem.

Yeah I do, all my soldiers carry a medikit, a grenade and spare ammo for each weapon, at least until I have an engineer in the team so I can take out the medikits. Most of them have other things on the 3 ready slots (weapons from their proficiencies) and usually for SYN weapons I don’t take spare ammo as they have high capacity clips. Most of my soldiers have 3-4 empty slots to make do on these missions.

Just to be clear, as I’ve said before, I don’t have much of a problem with the current implementation. I find it painful having to remember to change loadouts after a mission and do it for every damn soldier, so I don’t take anything off my guys and just forfeit a few less valuable items on the crates. I also hoard everything I can.

Why can’t we just clear the area and have the resources. Why do we need to evac? Why are we in a hurry in a place nowhere? Why is there unlimited enemies? Just secure the are and get everything. Enemies can try to damage those or capture them if you are slow, it’s much more logical and fun rather then to fight against endless enemies and evac from just nowhere…

I hate evac missions…

It was an attempt to create more varied missions than “just kill everything” which was a common complaint before. It’s not a great solution for sure, but it does add a little bit of variety. I just feel that the “unlimited” enemies don’t matter. They come too little, too late, and too far, at least on veteran. It must be upped a bit so that the mission feels dangerous and with choices instead of just a drag.

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