Troop transports and item locality: an attempt at constructive criticism

Hi guys. I was just watching a streamer who is popular for playing games such as Phoenix Point, X-Com and Long War and he stopped playing the game when it became clear that once you have more than one troop transport, you’ll just be able to pick from Phoenix Point’s entire stock of items before each mission, since they’re not bound to bases nor transport vehicles.

This mechanic was present in a game Mr. Gollop designed 25 years ago, and it’s a bit of a shocker that isn’t here; it gives up an entire space of gameplay and interesting decisions, besides being very boring and time-consuming.

That issue aside, there is much I like about the game. Congratulations on the release and I hope this omission can get included in a patch going forward!

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IMHO, it should be so on an easy and medium level of difficulty.

Hm, I must disagree. Difficulty levels should be about added difficulty, not added tedium and time-consumption.

It’s not hard to magically shuffle your items around the globe before every mission, it is boring and immersion breaking.

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For a larger audience of games, you need more entertainment and fewer clicks. That is the reality.

The post you are replying to is literally arguing against replacing entertainment with more clicks.

I couldn’t agree more. This was big disappointment for me to see that you can equip two teams with the same gear. And then there is painful job of switching gear before every mission.

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