Resource Missions - Possible Bug?

I’ve done some searching and can’t seem to find an answer for this, so maybe it’s a bug? During the resource missions where your objective is to collect as many resource packs from the crates as you can before evacuating, the number of resource packs it’s telling me are available is way higher than what I’m actually finding on the map.

For instance, the map I’m currently on says Resource Packs Collected: 4/11, but I have looted every single crate on the map and there just are not 11 resource packs here. This isn’t the only mission it’s happened on either. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

I have seen someone posting about it. So you are not alone.

Sometimes you can open the crate , take the packs, but 1 AP is required, if you have less than 1 AP you would think that the packs are inside your inventory, but it is not true.

The packs remains in the crates and the soldier walks away thinking that he got the pack

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This would make sense. I’ve been playing the game since before launch, so I knew this already, but even up til now I still don’t think about it. How hard would it be for them to have included a message that says “You do not have the required AP” so that you know you didn’t take the shit?

Exactly, it is very confusing, if you still can access to packs and take those to inventory, without 1 AP

Really all they need to do is make the items snap back to the crate’s inventory if you don’t have the AP to take them. That simple.

This is something we discussed in a meeting early this week, and is something that will be added.


Oh that’s great news! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want that. For me it is great that I can switch items without having AP just to check encumbrance of different item configurations. Sometimes you want to take something but don’t want to slow down your soldier.

You can still do that, on the turn in which you have the AP available to actually take the items. What purpose would it serve to check it ahead of time, just to see how much weight you will be holding on your next turn, when you can just check it on your next turn?

To know if it will be worth taking, or should I use my last movement points to go to other place/cover.

Oh, I see. I only go for crates when there’s no enemies within range. If there’s an enemy within firing range, the crate is never worth it, period. Shoot first, then get the resources. :wink:

I thought that actually looking in the crate (i.e., opening inventory) did not require an AP. So checking to see what’s there and not taking anything, should be a freebie.

I also agree that one should not even be able to move items from crate to the unit’s inventory if they are out of AP. It’s misleading to see them go into the unit’s inventory when they actually did not move there.