First Impressions

I like the changes on the interface from x-com. A few gripes:

Difficult to work out which ammo goes with each weapon. Frequently run out and none to be found in the nearby crates.

I only seem to have found a single mission type (scavenger site) and get the same aliens on the same landscape every single time. Am I missing something?

Currently there is mostly one alien type - just with different equipment. Scavenge missions have only this one type of landscape. In time you will find also 2 other types of missions. Produce more ammo in your base and take it to the mission, so you won’t run out of it. Btw. all equipment from scavenge missions go to nearest Phoenix base.

Thanks! Sussed out the ammo situ and now have an Armadillo vehicle from some more exploring. I can’t get the vehicle on the ship, it’s greyed out unlike when I assign squad members. I tried demanning to 6/8 and it didn’t help.

Armadillo takes 4 places. So you can only have 4 soldiers and 1 vehicle on the mission… Actually 3 soldiers and 1 vehicle as 1 of the soldiers need to become a driver of the Armadillo.

Thanks. Slowly learning!