[latest build - 2020-01-13] Trading with other havens is a chore!

I have built up quite the stockpile of food, but have to work hard for every scrap of tech and materials - and that’s fine, really. But what it means is I have to seriously hunt up resources from other havens. This leads to requesting two very important features:

1 - while it’s nice to see what havens have on offer (if you zoom in far enough to see the pop-up icons), it doesn’t tell you what they WANT. Having some sort of UI function where it lists all known havens, and the things they have to trade (be it personnel or resources)

2 - I would also greatly appreciate having a ‘trade/buy all’ button so when I show up and want to grab everything they have, but have to click 50+ times because it only trades it to me 2 units at a time… this is tedious murder

Having to actually travel to the havens makes total sense, but you’re nuts if you don’t think the Phoenix Project doesn’t have a quartermaster who’s LIFE it is to manage this kind of data.

These two things would be immensely helpful so I don’t have to bury myself in endless clicking; click to drag the globe, click to pull up menu, click on ‘haven info’, and then MAYBE do a billion clicks to trade supplies a teensy bit at a time when I want it in bulk.

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1 - They always want what’s not shown. If you see icons offering food and materials it means they’ll only accept tech. Just one icon means they’ll accept the other two. The haven list is an often suggested good idea.

2 - Absolutely. There’s already a mod for that which should be merged into the game itself.

As far as I know soldiers are the only Phoenix Point staff members present. Everything else is controlled by AI (yes, even the research). However if the AI is so powerful it would also be able to handle the trading. However, you still need to reach the haven with a transport to transfer the goods. And that’s what we do at global map.


ad 2 - if you dont want to instal any mod. Just hold either CTRL or Shift while trading (can’t remember which one now) and it will trade 10 units per click :wink:

I guess a decent trade off here could be the introduction of a low level trade ship?? something you need to make that can then travel to different havens to make one or more trades but would also mean it might take a day to get them and adds a risk factor.

This would also tie in well with ship interceptions which I am sure will be in the game soon as ships have health but never take damage.

That way you could manually trade going there or send an automated trade ship but they run the risk of being intercepted, on the flip side you could also intercept other havens trade ships.

Just a thought but that might add more to the gameplay side as you could then have a better UI for the Havens and select all you need, pick a route and send them off.

They do take damage if you select some particular outcome in some events.

Yeah but never really any risk associated or ever lose them, not as far as I have seen so far and pretty much end game now?

There are not many such events. A Manticore can take 2 events like that. 3rd one would destroy it I guess and lose all soldiers.
You would really need some bad luck to arrive at such a point … and Manticore repairs itself if you have a working hangar when you’re at base to rest your troops.

So yes, it is highly unlikely that it will have an impact.

Fair point with the AI and no staff, but again that’s something that would make the soldiers’ lives much easier and should have been one of the first ‘how do we keep this project going with the fewest possible people and make it so they don’t have to spend all their time doing this one thing’ ideas they had.

I’ve tried them all - CTRL, ALT, SHIFT - didn’t notice any of them doing anything faster than basic clicking but I’ll check again. This is not something that should need a mod, this is a ‘your game does something legitimately irritating to the player and needs correcting’ kind of thing.

I imagine if they go through enough events that make them take damage before you repair them you’ll lose the vehicle. Anu’s blimp is honestly a great potential automated trade vessel; slow, big capacity, etc.

That depends, for an event that raids an automated ship you could scale up the damage factor, or if they implement it in a way where there’s a capacity that the ship tries to fill before it returns home it may suffer numerous smaller incidents and be at significant risk if it has to travel to many havens to maximize the trip before returning.

Just confirmed it - holding CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT do nothing for trading resources right now in non-modded game.

lol, you need to instal mod for that bucket trading

The health system for aircraft is primarily there just to support a future expansion I’d think.